The MAC 10 was one of the weapons in “Call of Duty: Warzone” that recently got tweaked by Raven Software as its player base felt that it’s too overpowered in the game. Post patch, however, fans of the BR shooter soon discovered that the weapon’s Blueprint performs much better than its base iteration resulting in them pretty much irked with Raven Software.

Gallantry in 'Warzone'

The weapon update went live last January 6, and as soon as it was rolled out, “Warzone” players were quick to notice that the MAC 10’s Blueprint known as Gallantry was somewhat buffed rather than being toned down.

One of the players – known by his TikTok handle as inspektorbb – took to the said video-sharing app to have this concern made known by the community. He even tagged known “Call of Duty” content creator JGOD about the discovery to which the YouTuber ran some tests with the weapon.

True enough, the Gallantry render performs way better than the MAC 10’s base version. JGOD went into what he calls a “bot lobby” within “Warzone” to check the damage stats of both of the weapon’s base and Blueprint renders. The headshot damage of the MAC donning the Gallantry remained at 40 while the base is at 30. For the uninitiated, the headshot damage of the weapon was decreased from 40 to 30.

Recoil and hipfire too

Recoil was also checked. The one with the Gallantry formed a slanting line to the right, while the standard MAC 10 made somewhat of an “S” curve going to the left. JGOD went on to say that the “recoil is 100 percent different,” adding that whether a player in “Warzone” has an attachment on the weapon or not, it would still be different.

The hipfire spread was also observed, and just like those as mentioned earlier, the Blueprint has a bit of a tighter hipfire spread in comparison to the base MAC 10. This would, without a doubt, quickly take out other “Warzone” players with minimal effort in aiming.

Another equally popular “Call of Duty” content creator – NICKMERCS – even described the MAC 10 as pay-to-win.

In his recent upload over on his YouTube channel, he expressed how fun the weapon is in Verdansk right now and is cool with them (developers) not touching it, though he pointed out that “it probably does need to get fixed.” Nick also said, “you don’t want to force people to cough up their cash to be able to play at a higher level.”

Raven is aware

As for Raven Software, they are well-aware of the situation as they tweeted a few days back, stating that they are “consistently monitoring feedback and pushing for the best gaming experience.” The developer advised “Warzone” players to continue sharing their “constructive thoughts” with them.

A lot of “Warzone” players by now have reached Tier 95 of the game’s Season 1 Battle Pass and are reaping the benefits of Gallantry.

Let’s hope Raven would roll out another update real soon to have at least a level playing field within the battle royale shooter.