After Guardians learned that a 12-man raid is possible in “Destiny 2,” Activities within Bungie’s space looter shooter have been wholesome chaos. The developer even gave its player base some free pass in doing the exploit. In line with this, it looks like another glitch has been discovered that allows players to consistently overcrowded Fireteam.

Overman consistently

Reddit user DylanSogumiKim brought this to light over on the Raid Secrets subreddit, where he explained how it’s done. In his post, he designated three players within 12 as player 1, player 2, and player 3.

Player 1 will be inviting all the players to the Fireteam. Player 1 will then promote Player 3 as the Fireteam leader, while Player 1, alongside Player 2, will be leaving the team. This will be splitting the group into two and 10.

Player 1 then joins Player 2 as the latter will now promote the former to Fireteam leader. This, according to the OP, is the most important step as he claims that this has resulted in some successful runs.

Player 1 will now get ready to launch the activity, and Player 3 will be teaming up with Player 2. This eventually brings the whole group to 10. Player 1 will now launch the activity and notify Player 3 to join up right before the launch timer reaches two seconds.

You’ll know you’ve nailed it when Player 1 sees the message “someone is joining your Fireteam” around zero seconds. Otherwise, both players 1 and 2 will have to switch characters or leave the Fireteam and repeat the process.

‘Destiny 2’ cheese seeker approves

Destiny 2” YouTuber/glitch seeker Cheese Forever also took notice of this Reddit post as he mentioned that this trick might be a bit confusing at first but pointed out that it’s a sure-fire way to get 12 Guardians together.

He added that a 12-man Fireteam usually takes 45 minutes to match up. However, doing this strat would work with only a few tries adding that it “really works.”

Cheese also revealed in a previous upload that Guardians doing this overstaffed exploit while at the same time sporting themselves the Exotic Fusion Rifle Telesto crashes the game.

He said that this is situational, though, as he explained that once the first bolt explodes in a pile (provided that players shot the weapon on the same spot at the same time), the game is likely to freeze—a piece of not-so-useful information, but worth the share.

Guaranteed new Dreaming City loot

More on those “Destiny 2” glitches, Cheese posted a video detailing how to get those new Dreaming City loot while running solo. He said that this trick would give guaranteed drops as this will rewards any Guardian with either the Reverie Dawn armor or weapons donning those new perks like Wellspring and Surplus.

He made it clear that this glitch will require players to go outside of the map to obtain those two chests containing the good loot.

It was also mentioned that one of the chests would have a Tincture of Queensfoil requisite, and this can be purchased to either Huginn or Petra Venj. Any sword and a Glacier Grenade are also needed on this one.

His video provided a walkthrough on where to go within the Dreaming City. “Destiny 2” folks interested in this should go check the video out on his channel.