Hello everyone, this your daily dose of “Warzone glitches. This time, players are claiming to have been getting free stuff in the game, including the Damascus Camo, among others.


Reddit user HDUdo361 posted it over on r/CODWarzone alongside the caption, “they gifted me Damascus for being a loyal customer. Thank you!” It featured a snippet of his gameplay as the player flexed the sought-after cosmetic in the game. User _rpm25 also encountered this weird glitch after eliminating another player in a match, and both these players were the CR-56 AMAX assault rifle.

Warzone” players who are into the Damascus grind need not get envy, though, as the former down pointed it out in the comments that his weapon reverted to its original state right after he switched weapons. The same thing happened with the latter. Someone commented that many camos in the game had been mismatched after the recent update was rolled out.

For the uninitiated, the developer released an update last February 5 that ushered in some bug fixes to “Warzone,” as the most notable was the one for the so-called stim glitch. However, as mentioned, new issues have arisen, just like this Damascus camo bug.

Platinum weapons in 'Warzone'

Charlie Intel – on the other hand, stated that this Damascus visual glitch in “Warzone” might well seem to have been triggered by Platinum weapons in the game. As for Platinum weapon owners, why not give it a try and see if it really gives off that moment of bliss.

OP melee

Another issue that was recently brought to light by the “Warzone” community was the insanely overpowered melee attack that could literally one-hit any opponent. U/callonh posted a clip of the potential bug demanding an explanation as to what just happened. Per the video, it can be seen that the player went in with a decent amount of health before getting punched and then sent straight to the Gulag.

This is without a doubt, has baffled players, though there is one plausible explanation being pointed out by a member of the subreddit. According to u/CrMars97, there’s apparently a “kind of combo system.” The player explained that if a player inflicts four consecutive hits, one can see that the fourth attack is with the elbow. Further, it may well also seem that the last hit will be a one-shot as the commenter went on to state that “Warzone” “is bugged out of its mind,” adding that what the player described as the “MMA Champion elbow” hits more frequently than intended.

As of writing, “Warzone” devs have yet to address these emerging issues in the game. The developer now has a couple more in-game worries that they need to be fixing in their bug-stricken battle royale title.