Destiny 2’s” Season of the Chosen just went live, and Guardians are out to see what’s new in this latest installment of the looter shooter. Now that Season 13 has been launched, dataminers already did some digging within the game files and stumbled upon some interesting stuff that could lead to some potential spoilers. This goes out without saying to proceed with caution.

The ‘Dataminer Vanguard’ is at it again

The “Destiny 2” community is well-acquainted with the dataminer Ginsor, who leaked a lot of “D2” stuff in the past. Well, he just tweeted a couple spilling this season’s UI images alongside some new text strings.

However, the former must use a base64 decoder to check on the latest photos.

‘Destiny 2’s’ Redacted Exotic

Those who have decoded it came across some interesting images. One of which is what could be the soon to be revealed Exotic from Tex Mechanica. From the looks of it, the weapon is a lever-action scout rifle and is believed to be named Dead Man’s Tale.

In line with this, the leaked text string noted this: “visit the Eververse store to unearth your Burial Wrap Ornament available for the Dead Man’s Tale Exotic Scout Rifle.” Also, Reddit user _Obie_ posted over on r/raidsecrets claiming that the ship we saw on the Season 13 trailer was intended for the Dead Man’s Tale Exotic quest. Further, the OP noted that the intel came from fellow players on Discord as they shared the press kit for “Destiny 2’s” latest season.

Text strings suggestive of Splicers, Eliksni

Other exciting stuff were also spotted within the text string as part of Splicers and the Eliksni (The Fallen). Some of the texts read:

  • “The Eliksni need our help, and If we turn our backs from them now, we might as well put a gun in their hands and point it at us.”
  • Splicers working with Guardians, Eliksni in the City... Things really are changing.”

SIVA/Plaguelands season theory

Another Reddit user – Pondering Drifter – made a plausible theory about this season.

According to him, the “Destiny 2” player base could be treated to a Siva/Plaguelands season, adding that players will “use Siva as it was intended to rebuild the Tower and be the catalyst for transmogrifying gear in the game.”

The OP called it since the player noticed that Siva-themed ornaments keep showing up in the game, making him feel like Bungie wants to keep its community to keep thinking about that Siva-infested spot on Earth.

He also pointed out Lord Saladin being back in the “Destiny 2” storyline, again adding that the Iron Lord expresses his ire towards Rasputin. He notes that he feels like the developer “keeps seeding” Saladin, Rasputin, and Siva into the mix on purpose.