Well, what do you know, another one of those glitches in “Call of Duty: Warzone.” This is without a doubt an insane one as it instantly gives you victory within the battle royale shooter.

Jumped off and got a 'Warzone' Victory

Reddit user gencaykurtt brought this issue over on the CODWarzone subreddit, and it’s picking up steam among the “Warzone” community. Per the short clip, it shows the OP just got out of the plane and only as when he’s about to land, the game suddenly notifies him that he just won the match. Now that he snagged that victory the most bizarre way one could think of, the match may well seem to have ended to other players as well.

Not game-breaking...yet

Charlie Intel tried to scrutinize the clip to see if the “Warzone” gameplay in question was edited. However, the spam of voice communication at the end of the match alongside the zero squad kills and damage proved that it’s the real deal.

The website went on to note that instances of this recently discovered bug do not exist as of yet. With that in mind, “Warzone” players can still breathe a sigh of relief on this one.

As of writing, both Infinity Ward and Raven Software have yet to make a statement on this new issue within “Warzone.” Nonetheless, this one will definitely be added to the game’s long list of glitches, bugs, and exploits.

A banhammer exists

Activision, on the other hand, may have just heeded the call of the “Warzone” player base to address the massive cheating that has plagued their title.

In the recent events, the game publisher has just banned 60,000 of these do-no-gooders in the game proving to their community of players that there is indeed an anti-cheat system in full effect.

In an official statement, they revealed the figure mentioned above that got squashed by their banhammer. Additionally, they now have a total of 300,000 account permabans worldwide since “Warzone” went live.

It was also noted that they’d increase efforts and capabilities on these critical areas:

  • Consistent and timely bans
  • More detection technology
  • Enhancements to their internal anti-cheat software
  • Additional new resources that are dedicated to monitoring and enforcement
  • Regular communication updates on progress and more of two-way dialogue and
  • Zero tolerance for cheat providers

They state that their security and enforcement teams will also be rolling out more preventive and enforcement measures this year as they aim to root out both cheaters and cheat providers in the game.

Warzone” folks knew that this one’s long overdue as cheaters in the game have already wreaked havoc causing a lot of fair-playing individuals to leave the game. It can be recalled that the content creator BobbyPoff went nuts in one of his live streams after falling victim a couple of times to these cheaters in a $25K tournament. He even called out Activision about it alongside a barrage of expletives as this part of his stream went viral online. Here’s to hoping that the publisher is not yet too late to salvage “Warzone.”