The so-called stim glitch in “Call of Duty: Warzone” sure was a pain in the bun for most players as it continues to come back to the battle royale shooter to ruin the game anew. With that in mind, it looks like it has re-emerged in the game for the nth time and has caught the ire of players who just wanted some good clean gameplay.

For the nth time in 'Warzone'

Reddit user thewolfofwestoz recently posted a clip over on the CODWarzone subreddit showing proof that the infamous exploit is back in the game. Per the video, it can be observed that the exploit can be triggered by simply throwing a grenade to a wall and picking it up, using your night vision goggles, and voila, stim glitch activated people.

The website Charlie Intel noted that what’s surprising here is that the glitch allowed the “Warzone” player on the clip to use the night vision goggles. For the uninitiated, the said item is only available in the game’s campaign mode. Folks on PC can equip the said item by just pressing the “N” key by default, though this is not possible in “COD Warzone.” In the short clip, it’s quite baffling how the player was able to use it to trigger the glitch.

Since the NVG has been used in this new version of the stim glitch, it has yet to be determined if the player on the video used cheats for the exploit to work. Also, the said trick might only work for “Warzone” players on PC since their console counterparts don’t have a night vision bind.

More of a strategy

In line with this, “Call of Duty” content creator JGOD also detailed another method in “Warzone” to trigger that stim glitch, though it’s more of a strategy actually.

In his recent upload, in order to get those “unlimited stims,” Players will just have to stack up some cash (around $50,000) as a squad, go to a buy station, keep on purchasing ammo crates, and use those to restock stim shots.

Warzone” players have to keep in mind, however, to continuously pick up the ammo crates to avoid despawning.

Equipping restock will also be a big help on this one.

A couple of possible fixes

JGOD went on to suggest a couple of fixes for this issue. Number one is to cut the despawn time of all items down to 30 seconds once it enters the gas (it looks like it’s currently clocked at two minutes). Another suggestion is to instantly eliminate “Warzone” players who are inside the gas for far too long. The latter seems to be a better fix for this ongoing stim glitch saga within the game as this would likely apply to all the exploits connected to the said item in the game.

As of writing, Raven Software has yet to comment on this new issue regarding those stims in “Warzone.” Here’s to hoping it gets fixed soon before it spreads like wildfire in the game.