Epic Games recently rolled out “Fortnite: Battle Royale’s” V15.30 update where it introduced another wave of content alongside some fixes to some bugs and exploits that players came across before the patch. One of them is the Boundless superhero skins that gave players an unfair advantage over their opponents. Albeit the fix, the developer still removed it from the BR shooter for the same reasons. Also, players. Also, players are beginning to notice what seems to be a bug that has something to do with edits and trees.

An editing issue in 'Fortnite'

This emerging issue within “Fortnite BR” was brought up over on r/FortniteCompetitive by user Toodammhigh, and this has picked up quite the pace among members of the subreddit. Per the short clip, it may well seem that trees in the game are blocking his edits whenever he equips either a pickaxe or a weapon.

Down in the comments, one player claims that the same thing happens whenever there’s a knocked player against a wall while another mentioned that the bug is also triggered with NPCs. Most of the players who saw it were in unison to call Epic’s attention to have a look at it to which Community Coordinator TheStevieT took notice and assured the “Fortnite” community that they’ve begun doing so.

Unfortunately, the Epic staff didn’t disclose a definite time on when will it be resolved.

Boundless out

Meanwhile, “Fortnite” fans may well seem to have noticed already that the developer has just temporarily removed the Boundless superhero skins in the game as it was deemed to be pay-to-win. According to Epic’s recent tweet, they’ve decided to disable it for the meantime from competitive play.

They note that players who’ll get still one “will instead appear as a Default Outfit in competitive playlists adding that the set in question will be re-enabled in the V15.40 update.

Before this, known “Fortnite BR” glitch seeker and content creator – Glitch King even tweeted the steps on how to get the OP skins post-patch still.

In the short tutorial, he just picked a few colorways and voila, pay-to-win skins.

For the uninitiated, the issue regarding “Fortnite” skins has been observed this season after introducing superhero skins that allow players to paint their characters either completely black or white. This resulted in them pretty much difficult to spot, especially if the former is hiding in a dark area of the map.

As soon as they learned of such emerging issue, Epic Games immediately removed those OP skins in the recent update. All is well until the tweet mentioned above from Glitch King popped up, prompting the removal of the skins.

'FNAF' creator on 'FNBR' crossover

As for those who are stoked about a potential crossover between “Fortnite” and the “Five Nights at Freddy’s” franchise it may well seem that it’s not going to happen if the dataminer iFireMonkey’s tweet is anything to go by. Alongside the tweet is a screenshot of what could be “FNAF” creator Scott Cawthon’s response addressing the rumors that states, “yeah no collabs for now, including ‘Fortnite’ or ‘Fallguys.’ It went on to note that he’s “focusing on solo-FNAF projects this year.” However, it was pointed out that Cawthon has been known to troll fans so whether it’s true or not, take it with some pinches of salt on it.