Destiny 2’s” upcoming instalment – Season of the Chosen – has just been revealed by Bungie as its trailer teased some of the stuff that will go alongside its release on February 9. Before this, the developer rolled out a TWAB blog post where it tackled several weapons reworks in Season 13 as this includes rocket launchers. That said, the game maker also addressed some concerns regarding one of the Exotic rocket launchers in “D2” that is the Eyes of Tomorrow.

‘Cumulative drop chance’

Bungie’s Assistant Game Director Joe Blackburn made a tweet about the weapon as he stated that they are getting inquiries about it all the time.

He noted that upon checking with the dev team, he confirmed that that the Eyes of Tomorrow Exotic “does have a cumulative drop chance.” This means that for every week “Destiny 2” players beat Taniks (a Fallen mercenary) on their accounts, the chances of them getting the said rocket launcher to go up and “eventually all the way to 100 percent” if those Guardians “are super lucky.”

‘Destiny 2’ community musing about the actual numbers

Blackburn’s tweet was posted over on the DestinyTheGame subreddit and got quite the attention among members of the sub. There were players, however, who are wondering what would be the Eyes of Tomorrow’s base drop rate and how much the increase in chances would be for every missed drop.

Others also pointed out the number of clears one has to make just to reach that 100 percent drop rate including some possible bugs a player might encounter along the way.

For players who are new to “Destiny 2,” the Eyes of Tomorrow is an Exotic Solar rocket launcher introduced in the game’s “Beyond Light” expansion. The weapon’s Intrinsic Perk – Eyes on All – allows the Exotic to track and fire at multiple targets simultaneously.

Pretty powerful, to say the least.

Rocket launcher buffs, roadmap, redacted Tex Exotic

As mentioned earlier, rocket launchers, alongside breech loaded grenade launchers and fusion rifles will be getting some buffs in “Destiny 2’s” incoming season. Per the TWAB post, last January 28, rocket launchers’ damage will be buffed by 30 per cent next season. It was also noted that Exotic rocket launchers “have been adjusted individually” and will be impacted by the tweak “to different degrees.” The post pointed out that these changes with the rocket launchers will be paired with Season 12’s buffs to reserve.

That said, it is likely that the “D2” meta will change a bit in Season of the Chosen.

As for Season 13, Bungie has rolled out its roadmap revealing what Guardians should expect from the "tiny 2” instalment. Keen-eyed fans noticed, however, that the yet to be revealed Exotic weapon that the developer teased was not included in the roadmap. From the looks of it, the Exotic will be from the weapon foundry Tex Mechanica who’s known for other in-game weapons like The Chaperone, The Last Word, and The Huckleberry.