Destiny 2’s” upcoming season – likely to be dubbed Season of the Chosen is upon us, and players are now musing what the new installment is in store for them. Details about it have allegedly been leaked, and it looks like some of the spilled intel do fit in the bag as another alleged leaked image for Season 13 is making the rounds online.

Potential 'Destiny 2' spoilers ahead

The image in question was believed to be tweeted by Game Informer, noting that it’s a first look at Season of the Chosen (mistakenly typed by the website as Season 12). It also mentioned “new strikes, returning favorites, and Cabal-filled battlegrounds.

The alleged leaked image shows the Titan Vanguard Zavala standing alongside a massive Cabal in the background that is believed to be the Princess-Imperial Caiatl (daughter of the former Cabal Emperor Calus). It is also pretty much evident that the incoming season will occur in Nessus, not to mention that there seems to be a crashed ship behind good ol’ Cue Ball.

Daddy issues

The French gaming website Next Stage, on the other hand, noted additional information about “Destiny 2’s” Season of the Chosen. It was stated that Zavala would be playing an important role during this season. The website claims that Caiatl tried to organize a coup to overthrow his father and mentioned something about an “operation aborted following the invasion of the Solar System by the Pyramids and the disappearance of the Leviathan.” It went on stating that the tweet (probably Game Informer’s) was referring to new attacks (raid/strikes) and the return of former assaults (raid/strikes) as a couple of them would include Fallen S.A.B.E.R.

and “Hideout Devils” (might be referring to The Devil’s Lair).

With that in mind, since Bungie hasn’t confirmed anything yet as of writing, the “Destiny 2” player base should take these with some pinches of salt. A trailer for Season 13 is on the way so let’s just wait for it to be rolled out.

Bungie on three peeking

In other “Destiny 2” stuff, it looks like Bungie could be making some changes within the game’s third-person peeking.

According to Lead Community Manager Cozmo, their dev team has been aware of the players’ feedback about it, adding that they are “currently discussing possible options.” He made it clear, though, that they do not promise anything on this one as he explained that they are “still investigating viable changes that could be implemented.

Cozmo note that three peeking is a complicated issue to be making immediate tweaks at since it will affect several factors that include swords, emotes, and even potential future third-person weapons.

Luckyy 10P also took notice of Cozmo’s tweet saying that this change – provided that Bungie pushes through with it - would be good especially in Trials. He further explained how one can greatly benefit from it by showing a comparison between first and third-person peeking during an activity in “Destiny 2.” He also mentioned a sample scenario where both teams are using it resulting in a slow-paced match and believes that “Destiny 2” was not designed to be played that in that manner.