The “Destiny 2” community has had enough of this as they recently called out it's game developer Bungie about one of the Warlock’s subclasses. A post from the looter shooter’s Reddit calls out to snub the Well of Radiance subclass until they get noticed by the game maker.

Show some Warlock love

Reddit user elpezmuerto’s post over on r/DestinyTheGame has been blowing up as of late as it discussed the nerfs the Warlocks have endured in previous patches. This, albeit the majority of “Destiny 2” players, is not even asking for such balancing.

That said, the OP has called out fellow Guardian Warlocks to run either a Voidwalker or Nova Warp in the game until the developer rolls out “a meaningful TWAB about Warlock or class tuning.” He also pointed out the community’s consistent call out to Bungie over on their social media channels, but all they got, according to him, was a Hunter buff.

At the same time, Warlocks “continue to be taken advantage of in fireteams.” He enumerated the activities within “Destiny 2” that Warlocks are being depended on despite being “stepped on.”

As of writing, the post already has over 14k upvotes, not to mention that it got awarded hundreds of times. The op was even prompted to broadcast his first-ever stream as he “will lead by example.”

Another ‘Destiny 2’ content creator calling it out

The “Destiny 2” content creator Teawrex took to Twitter to also address Bungie’s series of Warlock nerfs. In his tweet, he’s requesting the developer to put a halt to nerfing the said Guardian class “to states where they really don’t feel nearly as fun to play compared to their Titan and Hunter counterparts.”

Further, he noted Bungie’s MO of rolling out an overtuned subclass and nerfing it to ground later on only then to overtune other classes in the game is “really exhausting.” He stated that Warlocks are not useless, adding that he has just grown tired of “getting the short end of the stick."

These too gained quite the attention among “Destiny 2” players.

At the time of writing, however, Bungie has yet to address these growing concerns among their community.

Infinite Pinnacles with a catch

Meanwhile, another YouTuber known as Scrub highlighted what he calls a “Harbinger infinite Pinnacles exploit.” As incredible as it may sound, there’s a catch to this so-called exploit, though.

Players will have to delete one of their characters in the game and make another one. He stated that he’s just putting it out for “Destiny 2” players “who are crazy enough to do it and so Bungie can get on it.”

He claims that a couple of his friends did the glitch as they’ve earned their Pinnacles every 15 minutes (this includes deleting and creating a new character).

The YouTuber warned fellow players that they would be losing their campaign and potential quest progressions, and even their Stasis subclass. He stated that he hadn’t done it as he is aware of the consequences.