Bungie just rolled out the 3.1.0 update that ushered in several bugfixes and weapon adjustments within “Destiny 2.” The Problem is, new issues have emerged as these affected some of the gear and activities in the game. This prompted the developer to address these over on their social media channels.

The nerf was ‘definitely not intentional’

One of the concerns raised by the “Destiny 2” community is the Exotic rocket launcher Eyes of Tomorrow. Players have noticed that the weapon may well seem to have received a massive nerf on its damage stats if the YouTuber Scrub’s recent video is anything to go by.

In the video, he claims that the Exotic’s damage was toned down for about 50 percent, even describing it as “the worst nerf of all time.” A clip from fellow content creator Ehroar was featured showing the comparison between the rocket launcher’s damage during the previous season and the current. This was even posted over on the “Destiny 2” subreddit and got quite the traction among its members.

Lead Community Manager for Bungie – Cozmo – took notice of it and addressed the issue, stating that “any damage reductions to Eyes of Tomorrow were definitely not intentional” and went on to note that their dev team is currently working on the weapon bug. He also pointed out that its weapon perk – Adaptive Ordnance is working as intended as it was noted in its description.

Titan’s bugged gear

Dmg, on the other hand, also addressed another issue with the Titan’s Exotic pieces – the Dunemarchers leg armor and Heart of Inmost Light chest armor. According to him, these two have been passed along to the “Destiny 2” dev team, though he had to follow up with the latter to check if there’s a bug report filed.

According to Reddit user VindictiVagabond, you can only get a second stack with the chest armor if you either grenade then melee or barricade then melee. Other than that, you won’t be getting a second stack. As for the leg piece, the OP claims that it no longer procs their AoE lightning since the recent “Destiny 2” patch went live.

The OP even provided proof of these bugs in action.

‘Errant patch note’ in ‘Destiny 2’

Dmg also made a clarification over on Twitter regarding Weekly Featured Raids. He tweeted that the said activity is not intended to be introduced in “Destiny 2’s” current season, adding that it was an “errant patch note which will be removed.” He went on to note, however, that it is something that the dev folks are targeting for a future season and will give a heads-up whenever new intel arises. In line with this, “Destiny 2” players also brought up the issue with the Cosmodrome strikes as they noticed that it’s been missing from The Director, to which Cozmo assured them that it’s now being looked at.