Known “Destiny 2” glitch seeker Cheese Forever is back at it again as he came across what he believes a game-breaking glitch in the space looter shooter. The newly discovered exploit gives players “infinite invisibility” using the recently introduced Exotic armor – Omnioculus.

An Omnioculus trick

For the uninitiated, the Hunter chest piece has this perk Beyond the Veil, where players will be getting a second Smoke Bomb charge alongside some damage resistance while invisible. Further, whenever you turn one of your teammates invisible, they gain damage resistance while still on that state, and you get melee energy.

No melee energy will be given, however, if a player smoke bombs himself.

That said, Cheese revealed that there’s a small window “Destiny 2” players can take advantage of. Per the video, he mentioned that one must throw a smoke grenade and let it blow up. After the explosion, run towards it to become invisible. This, according to him, will give players half the melee energy.

Probable reason

He explains that the reason behind it is that because you didn’t become invisible immediately, this made the perk think that you are an ally hence the melee energy. Cheese added that doing this trick with a teammate will allow players to get full melee energy coming from their partner and themselves. “Destiny 2” players running solo need not fret as he mentioned that they just need high mobility (100 at least) and Gambler’s Dodge to replicate the exploit.

Players regain their dodge every 11 seconds, while invisibility will last for about seven seconds. Cheese mentioned that for every two smoke grenades, players will get one back, and dodging next to an enemy will regain the second. This means that for every 11 seconds, players have used and replenished their smoke grenades while on solo.

Cheese pointed out, though, that it takes some practice to pull it off. According to him, this exploit could be “broken enough in trials with one ally” to flank the opposing team and at the same time keeping your smoke bombs.

Whisper of Torment is OP right now in ‘Destiny 2’

Another trick that he stumbled upon in this season in “Destiny 2” is getting instant grenades in PvP while using the newly added fragment – Whisper of Torment.

Fellow content creator Fallout Plays was among the first to discover it showing how it can be done on the said game mode.

In his other video, Cheese mentioned that the most significant trick for instant grenades is to just stand in an enemy barricade (preferably eliminating the player who placed it). Standing inside it will eventually make players take huge damage. Since these barricades are unable to eliminate players, this will allow them to get multiple grenades. He also said that this trick will work a lot quicker if a player has a higher discipline stat.

Bungie, on the other hand, has yet to address these newfound exploits in “Destiny 2.” Until then, Guardians will just have to try these out for themselves.