Just as when Fortnite” Battle Royale pro-Benjyfishy (Benjy Fish) was enjoying it, then this happened. For those who are not in the loop, Epic Games has just announced that both wagers and subscriber customs are now bannable offenses in the game. That said, the BR shooter’s community of players and its well-known content creators have thrown in their two cents about the recent decision.

Sub customs and wagers in 'Fortnite'

Sub customs are a common thing for popular content creators of “Fortnite” BR where they host these custom games and only those who are subscribed to them can only join the match.

However, as mentioned, Epic banned it on their BR title as they believe it violated their Terms of Service.

Benjyfishy who just started doing this on his stream was recently informed by Epic that he’s no longer eligible to host sub customs because it’s now against the developer’s TOS. He tried talking to them about a possible solution (subscribers being prioritized in customs) but to no avail.

In his tweet, he noted, “it really sucks since I feel like this is the best 24/7 EU customs that we have ever had” adding that it’s a good avenue for him to practice in “Fortnite.” He went on stating that they’ll try to figure out what they can do to allow their server to carry on before apologizing to his fans that paid just to enter their scrims.

Fellow “Fortnite” pro and Benjy’s NRG teammate Zayt also received the same message from Epic about hi Alpha Scrims. He tweeted, “it was a way for me to stream easily with the boys” before expressing his uncertainty as to when the next stream will be.

In his follow-up, he noted that he’s aware of how his subscribers like the scrims, but there’s nothing they can do about Epic’s move.

Sypher's thoughts

Another “Fortnite” content creator – SypherPK – expressed his concerns about it in his recent upload.

According to him, the reason why pros resort to sub custom games is that if it was made available for all, there’s a possibility that their game could either get griefed or stream sniped by some problematic members of the player base. The streamer even claims to have encountered these types of players albeit the fact that it’s already a sub-custom game.

He then pitched in the idea that Epic should roll out tools for custom games as this has been one of the highly requested features that need to add into “Fortnite.” Sypher mentioned things like an option to ban cheaters from joining the game, better moderation tools, and additional custom settings.

Wagers too

As for wagers in “Fortnite,” that’s pretty much gambling.

Epic probably did this to discourage underage players to engage in such transactions.

In line with this, the FNCS winner known as Deyy got into a situation like this as one of his friends (Muffin) leaked his org because of a “Fortnite” wager. The champ lost, refused to pay and that happened. Now that everything’s been said and done, let’s see how things go moving forward.