Epic Games want to keep it clean in "Fortnite: Battle Royale." Whenever a player is caught or proven to be cheating in the game, expect a swift sanction is coming. That just happened to one pro-player who just got whacked by the developer's ban hammer.

'Fortnite' pro getting permabanned

The now-former "Fortnite" pro-player known as Kez (real name Kevin Dam) was permanently banned during the BR shooter's "Frosty Frenzy" tournament. He literally went poof during the match, leaving his other teammates Chris' CizLucky' Perez' and Nanolite baffled at first.

It wasn't long before the two figured out that the pro-player in question has just been banned from the game. The two can even be seen heading towards Kez's spot before getting kicked out since all his stuff is scattered on the ground.

The two got the chance to talk to Kez after what just happened, and he confirmed to them that he indeed got banned from “Fortnite.” When asked for how long will he get banned, and for what reason, he simply replied “too long” and “exploiting.” The kid was just too secretive as to what happened to him.

They've been warned

Probably out of shame, the banned pro-player deleted his Twitter account as the “Fortnite” community has been made aware of his situation. Meanwhile, CizLucky tweeted out, suggesting that he was already informed that Kez would eventually get banned.

He also noted that he was skeptical at first, but the person who exposed Kez claims that the pro bought “cheats (Soft Aim) from a sh*tty dev who gets detected once every 2/3 months.” This alongside a screenshot of what could be the transaction between the cheat maker and Kez.

How long it's been going on

The former “Fortnite” pro has already raked in over $60,000 from the game’s tournaments.

With that in mind, the game’s player base is now musing as to how long Kez has been cheating in FNCS.

Dexerto noted that another player is known as SEBBY (@SEBBY1X) tweeted that he did not cheat during the squads, trio, or even during the World Cup. He pointed out, though, that Kez began using cheats after the FNCS 2020 Trio wrapped up.

Per Vanguard’s website, Kez is a 19-year-old competitive “Fortnite” player from Toronto, Canada. In April of 2019, the pro, alongside his team, secured the fifth spot at the FNCS Season X, and due to his skills, he joined the said eSports organization together with Calc, Phung, and iKerry in November of that same year. Further, the website noted that just a couple of weeks after joining the org, Kez’s team snagged the top spot at the FNCS Season 2 Episode 1. It went on stating that the permabanned player “is eager to prove how much more he is capable of in 2020.”

All that just came at an abrupt halt with zero chances of getting back at it with the unfortunate events that happened. It’s quite probable that Epic will be imposing additional penalties, but we’ll see.