Destiny 2’s” recent expansion - “Beyond Light,” is well over a month now, and Guardians are almost halfway through the game’s current season (Season of the Hunt). While a lot from the player base is busy grinding for cookie recipes and The Dawning’s community event, some want to do other stuff in the first-person shooter. One player even stumbled upon another glitch that allowed him to skip the entirety of the Garden of Salvation in a “unique and challenging way.”

Using Blink

Reddit user Aussiehalo- posted it over on the Raid Secrets subreddit a few days ago as the player showed how to skip the raid activity using the Warlock’s Blink ability.

For those who are new to “Destiny 2,” it’s an ability used by both Warlocks (Voidwalker) and Hunters (Bladedancer) in the game where they can teleport in short distances after jumping.

The “D2” player also noted these that helped him in glitching out while doing the raid:

  • The Exotic Grenade Launcher Salvation’s Grip made some of the rock climbing quite easy.
  • 100 Mobility paired with Astrocyte Verse Exotic Helmet helped the OP a lot for what he calls the “Astrocyte Verse Wall Climb with Nova Warp + Blink segment.” He explained that he used his Super to aid him towards the rock wall.
  • He then switched over to 100 Intellect alongside the Transversive Steps Exotic Boots explaining that he needs to wait for his Super a couple more times to overcome those difficult obstacles. One of which is the so-called “turn back zone” at the top of the rock. Per the OP, “it seemed very unlikely” that one could get around it without ever using a Nova Warp.

The “Destiny 2” player even uploaded a clip on his YouTube channel detailing how it’s done.

Another dose of 'Destiny 2' glitch

Known “Destiny 2” glitch seeker – Cheese Forever – also posted a video showing what he calls an “easy Grandmaster Glassway boss cheese.” He claims that this glitch made an easy work of the Grandmaster, though it took them quite some time for the Nightfall Strike to complete.

On his Reddit post over on r/Raid Secrets, he noted that you need to head over to the doorway to the right upon entering the boss room.

Next is to look to the left and jump up. You know you’re on the right track when you see a hole in the wall. Run and jump into it and crouch through it. Head to the bottom, then to the left. Do another crouch walk on the Radiolaria under the wall. This will result in Guardians being inside the floor and can now eliminate enemies just by shooting any weapon through the floor.

Destiny 2” players can also tell if the glitch worked if they are inflicting damage to those baddies below. Otherwise, Cheese suggested moving slightly to any direction until the weapon can now shoot through the ground. Now eliminate 90 percent of the enemies, push the main boss, get rid of those hobgoblins.