Call of Duty: Warzone” sure did rake in heaps of cool cash over the past year as millions of players play the game every single day. However, the problem is that behind the battle royale shooter’s success, the game is plagued with cheaters, and this has caught the ire of fair-playing gamers. One of them is a content creator whose recent rant over the title’s rampant cheating has gone viral across the interwebs.

The explosive 'Warzone' rant

Warzone” content creator BobbyPoff recently posted a clip over on Twitter (now deleted) of him snapping after coming across with cheaters in the game for two straight matches.

Per the video, it can be seen that the streamer was trying to take off in a helicopter, though; unfortunately, he got knocked out by an opponent and was eventually eliminated. Upon checking the killcam, it clearly showed what just happened as he can be heard “a 100 percent I just saw the killcam” before going into an explosive rant.

He can be heard calling out “Warzone” publisher Activision over the lack of anti-cheats in their game in his expletive-induced rant. He said, "I’m trying to make a living here," and followed by a series of f-bombs as he strongly expressed his feelings about his misfortune. It just went on, and there’s even a part where he said that the said game publisher “doesn’t know how to run a game.” Needless to say, Activision got burnt to a crisp right there.

Addressing his actions

In his recent upload on his YouTube channel, BobbyPoff addressed his “Warzone” rant that has gone viral, stating that cheaters/hackers in the game are at an all-time high. Additionally, he believes that there’s “no light at the end of the tunnel” with no answer about the game’s current state. He also revealed that he tried reaching out to Activision over on their socials, and every time he mentioned cheating/cheaters, he gets zero response from those guys.

He then explained what happened in the match before completely losing it and apologizing for his actions. He admitted that “things just went a little wild” after that and regretted some of the things he said, adding that he should have worded those differently.

Other “Warzone” content creators took notice of BobbyPoff’s rant as they commended what he did.

This is a very clear indication that the BR title’s community of players have had enough of those do-no-gooders in the game and that Activision should roll out a tougher cheat tool to combat such players.

Old in-game message re-emerges

Meanwhile, an in-game message from way back has been observed to be popping up in “Warzone” anew. A screenshot of it was even posted over on the CODWarzone subreddit by u/SSMKh with the caption “are you sure about that Activision?” Long-time players of the game are well-aware that this is an in-game message from April 2020, though it began showing up again recently.