Just when you think things can get any worse in “Call of Duty: Warzone,” it just did. Players have just discovered a new glitch in the BR shooter that allows them to get unlimited Juggernauts.

'Warzone's' unlimited Juggernaut exploit exposed

Warzone” player Cable711 recently uploaded a video on his YouTube channel as he exposed how broken the tanky suit is. Per the clip, it shows the player inside the so-called subway Easter egg room and immediately looked for the Juggernaut suit and a Scorestreak (player preferred the Advanced UAV on the clip).

Next is that the player can be seen attempting to activate the Jug while picking up the Scorestreak at the same time.

The following step is a bit tricky since players need to time the swap of the two items and it has to be done quickly. If done correctly, “Warzone” players will be able to pull up the canister while the Juggernaut drops on the ground. As a result, this allows players to throw a heap of Jugs provided that the trick is properly timed.

In the latter part of the clip, the player was able to clone 12-14 Juggernauts in just minutes. It is without a doubt a very serious exploit as the receiving end of it will be slugging it out with a squad Jugs. The OP added that the glitch does not solely apply to “Warzone’s” subway system. He said that it can be done everywhere on the map as the other players will just have to purchase additional UAVs/Scorestreaks.

He even showed gameplay demonstrating that.

For Activision and Infinity Ward to see

Early in the video, Cable711 pointed out that he’s showing this to the entire “Call of Duty: Warzone” community for bigger content creators of the game to notice it and shed some light and have the Juggernaut be removed from the guaranteed train Easter egg loot.

“Warzone” players might recall that Infinity Ward made known that they’ll be removing the guaranteed loot. The OP claims, however, that it was only applied to Stadium and the Subway Easter egg remained as it is. Not only it was untouched, but the developer also added to the patch notes that they rolled out “fixes to help prevent players from dying while completing the Subway puzzle.”

Big 'Call of Duty' content creators taking notice

Thankfully, one of the well-known “Call of Duty” YouTubers – JGOD – took notice of Cable’s clip, and advised his fans to “make it a problem” in “Warzone” for the developers to see and eventually fix this game-breaking issue.

Doug Dagnabbit also saw the exploit with the Juggernaut as he tweeted requesting the removal of the said suit to the game. Further, he also noted that “they (Jugs) do not belong in regular games.” He even tweeted a clip showing a squad of Juggernauts squashing the competition. As of writing, Infinity Ward has yet to comment about the situation.