Coronavirus surfaced at the beginning of 2020, and one of the major casualties was the Tokyo Olympics. Japan had made it a memorable event, but the organizers decided to postpone the dangers to participants' lives and the spectators. In March 2020, coronavirus led to the postponement of the Tokyo Olympics to 2021. It seems the revised version of the games might have to contend with shorter opening and closing ceremonies. The organizers confirmed that a new creative director would redesign the programs meant for these ceremonies. Advertising executive Hiroshi Sasaki would handle the task.

He would replace a previous seven-person creative team and give a new shape to the traditional events, which are not just lavish but also spectacular. Moreover, it would be in keeping with the situation. The pandemic is still active, and the people want an opportunity to return to the pre-pandemic time. They want to come out of the situation that has forced them to stay away from crowded places and sacrifice others' company.

Firstpost says the celebrations' modified framework would reflect the Tokyo Olympics' spirit with a simpler and more restrained approach to the games. Its design would consider COVID-19 countermeasures. Sasaki would enter the scene in place of the team that had pledged to produce ceremonies "rich in Japanese spirit."

Low scale celebrations for the Tokyo Olympics

The highly contagious coronavirus has played havoc with the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

It has defined new lifestyles all over the world. The disease originated in China and left a trail of death on the rise even after nearly one year. The medical fraternity has given broad guidelines on how to ensure safety. The main point is to avoid direct contact with unknown persons. This resulted in an environment of fear and suspicion, where it is difficult to know whether the person next to you is infected.

Countries have imposed Travel restrictions, and tourism is gasping for breath. Firstpost quotes Sasaki, who said that the flashy extravagant ceremonies must be redesigned in the context of COVID-19. He explains that work has started on planning the revised format for the ceremonies. There would be an emphasis on the theme of the Games.

He compares it to the "light at the end of the tunnel" after the pandemic.

Refund of Tokyo Olympics tickets

The Tokyo Olympics organizers have to announce the revised budget, test event schedule, and countermeasures against coronavirus. However, public opinion in Japan is not in favor of holding the event next year. The majority would like it to be delayed further or even canceled. Firstpost makes a mention of a refund of tickets. Already there are requests for refunds of around 200,000 tickets for Paralympic events sold in Japan. There are also refund requests for a large number of tickets sold domestically for Olympic events.

Tokyo Olympics to begin July 23 in 2021

According to CNN, Thomas Bach was confident that spectators would be there for the postponed Tokyo Olympics.

He is the President of the International Olympic Committee and is hopeful that the vaccine would arrive in time. The tentative date of start would be July 23 in 2021. There would be a modified opening and closing ceremonies format, but Tokyo's Organizing Committee has not disclosed details. In its statement, it said - "It is appropriate to make ceremonial events and programs simpler and have them in some way reflect and respect the world's experience of the Covid-19 pandemic." The Organizing Committee also indicated an increase in budget from $12.6 billion forecasts before the Olympics to $15.4 billion. The revised figure includes costs of postponement and additional Covid-19 countermeasures.