The “Fortnite” streamer known as MrConRem is in hot water as of late after allegations of grooming a minor. This resulted in him shutting down his own Twitter account after addressing the accusations against him.

Grooming allegation

The alleged grooming surfaced online as a Twitter user, and streamer Star (@starlovesuu) recently tweeted screengrabs of the conversation between the minor and the Twitch streamer. Per the tweet, the content creator “is a predator and doesn’t deserve his platform.”

The Twitter user added that the underage female - who, according to the OP, was 17 - was selling sensitive photos of herself to MrConRem, who was already 24.

Star stated that the streamer did the same thing with a 15-year-old female. One of the screenshots shows that the girl claims to have earned $150 from the streamer.

MrConRem's response

The “Fortnite” streamer, on the other hand, responded to the allegation through a now-deleted TwitLonger post. Dexerto managed to obtain a screenshot of the said tweet as MrConRem explained that the girl told him he was already 18, adding that he has no idea.

He said that what he did was a mistake, and as much as he regrets some decisions he made for the past eight months, he can no longer reverse it and was apologetic to the people affected.

In the latter part of his post, MrConRem noted that he’d be taking a breather to focus more on himself.

As mentioned, MrConRem then deleted his Twitter account. As of writing, however, both his Twitch and YouTube channels remain intact.

The Twitch streamer has amassed over 200,000 followers on the said platform, where he mostly played “Fortnite.” His YouTube also got quite the following with 20,000 subscribers.

Another 'Fortnite' streamer still haunted by his past

Another equally famous “Fortnite” content creator – Kiwiz – was dragged into the issue as he too got involved in the same situation a few years back. YouTuber and DramaAlert host Keemstar covered that story back in 2016 as he recently tweeted that “everyone’s bringing it back up again.”

This prompted the “Fortnite” player to address the past issue in 2020 as he stated that videos about what happened have been publicly available since news broke out.

Kiwiz also pointed out that the situation has been resolved “and amends were made on both parties.”

He also apologized anew, noting that he was sorry then and still is until now. This, according to him, has caused him to be more mature and has “learned so much over the years.”

Kiwiz also addressed the issue of a group within the CoD Trickshotting community that continues to harass him and his loved ones. Just like MrConRem, he too stated in his post to be taking some time off from the internet as he revealed that he developed PTSD from the harassment he’s been getting.