Leaks about “Destiny 2’s” upcoming content have been trickling in, especially the ones coming from the Reddit user u/AnonTheNine. That said, the Redditor is back at it again and he made some interesting comments in a couple of posts over on the game’s subreddit. He hinted at some new and returning weapons that will go alongside the game’s future events.

A couple of days ago, someone from the Destiny subreddit posted something about the Black Armory and its so-called Black tier weapons, claiming that this new tier will have two versions for each weapon.

Per u/Ashokage, these weapons will have an option to switch the type of gun will it be. The Last Word was made as an example in the post where it will have a node in its weapons menu that enables it to switch to full auto with better hip fire accuracy or to a 110 RPM iteration of the weapon.

The OP then claimed that it was Anon who posted the leak to which the leaker replied that he did not. Anon went on asking them to stop confusing every leak they read with “Anon leaks.”

The Rose and a bird that every Guardian loves

Someone from the thread also made a comment about the Rose that will finally be added in the game. Anon responded that he is the one who leaked that, adding that someone claimed it to be his.

He then followed up by stating that it will be released in Penumbra, including another bird that every Guardian loves (some members of the subreddit believe that it’s the Hawkmoon that the leaker is hinting at).

He pointed out, though, that he’s not yet certain about how the Rose will be introduced in the game, but he’s sure that it will be included in Penumbra after the Thorn hand cannon has been released in Joker’s Wild.

As for the above-mentioned The Last Word, it will be part of the Black Armory.

Absolute freedom

Anon also responded to another post on the same subreddit as it suggests that the idea of developing “Destiny 3” is not okay.

The post also stated that “D2’s” “Forsaken” expansion is the best version of the game, adding that Bungie should consider realizing what the OP calls the true “10-year plan.” That said, someone commented on this, stating that Bungie partnering with Activision after leaving Microsoft is one of the bad ideas the developer did.

The leaker pretty much disagreed with the statement, as he replied that the video game publisher has given Bungie absolute freedom on “Destiny,” adding that when he means absolute, he means everything. He went on, stating that the developer should be glad to have Activision on their back, albeit messing up “D2” vanilla.