Call of Duty: Black Ops 4” was officially released a couple of days ago and the first-person shooter has been gaining traction among gamers. However, players have recently stumbled upon some bugs and exploits in the game and are now calling out Treyarch to have these issues fixed.

Several Reddit users over on the BlackOps4 subreddit have brought to light a game breaking bug where players’ stats are being reset. U/apex8 has provided some links on his recent post of fellow Redditors claiming to have experienced this glitch in the game. Other members of the subreddit who are either on an Xbox or PS4 console commented that they too experienced it.

There’s even a “WW2” player (u/Crazybread420) who also claimed that he too experienced the bug.

Call of Duty wiped gun levels

U/killgore, on the other hand, stated in his post that he’s already at level 25 with a total of 46 kills, adding that he already got the 30-headshot camo, but not the prior two. Unfortunately, the bug has wiped off all of his gun levels even his calling cards, though the weapon attachments are still there. At the time of writing, Treyarch has yet to address this emerging issue within “BO4.”

Gesture/emotes for peeking

In line with this, players have also come across with an exploit where “BO4” players are using the game’s Gestures (a.k.a.

emotes) for peeking around corners to check their opponent’s whereabouts. Both VG24/7 and Kotaku have already covered this issue in the game as they showcased a couple of emotes that are being used as of late by players.

Reddit user u/sw3ar posted a short clip showing how the Point Gesture can be used in peeking. Another emote that was also mentioned and probably the most widely used is the Sitting Bull.

YouTuber MrTheRevertz even uploaded a video about it as it featured how the gesture is very much effective in peeking. It’s so effective that it allows players to have a full 360-degree view of the surroundings.

Treyarch officially acknowledged the existence of the exploit in “BO4” and they included it in their Launch Day post.

Per the developer, they are aware of the exploit, adding that it can create an unfair advantage. They further explained that they are planning on making two Gesture systems for the game – the default and competitive.

The former will be used within “BO4” where the so-called corner peeking won’t have an impact in the shooter’s gameplay balance. The latter will then be used in parts of the game where a restrictive camera system is needed.