"Fortnite" is one of the biggest online game in the world. The game is available on all major platforms. "Fortnite" has a big problem that is keeping most players from playing on PC; most players use PC to play because of high refresh rates and better graphics.

Aim assist on controllers is overpowered, making the game unfair for players that use mouse and keyboard. Most players, including Tfue, rather stop playing the game until the problem fixed completely.

Tfue played 'Warzone' and 'Fortnite' community reacts

Ever since Tfue posted a tweet saying "Aim assists ruined Fortnite for M&k players looks like we need to find a new game unlucky" many players recommended him to play "Call Of Duty Warzone."

Since that time, he downloaded "Call Of Duty" and started streaming "Warzone" on Twitch.

Tfue made a poll asking if he should play "Fortnite" or "Warzone." about 72 percent wanted him to stick with "Warzone" and the rest 28 percent voted for "Fortnite."

This poll had more than 100,000 votes and it is shocking that more people want him to play "Warzone" more than "Fortnite." His channel is filled with "Fortnite" gameplay, and the fans he has are mostly "Fortnite" players. Many players tell him to stick with "Fortnite", and some persons love the fact that he is playing Warzone since "Fortnite" aim assist is currently a problem.

Epic Games promised to fix controller aim assists

After many complaints about the aim assist that controller player has on PC, Epic games immediately said they would have to fix the Aim assist issue that makes the controller beaten on pc.

Epic games are not going to disable the use of controller on the PC, but they will need to reduce its power to match the same aim assist power on keyboard and mouse.

Epic Games said, "Controller, Tweaking, Tunning, and investigation continues, we have some changes for the next steps, but we don't want to release right before FNCash."

After the update, nothing has changed about the aim assist on controllers, Popular "Fortnite" player Bugha who won the "Fortnite" Champion in 2019 said: "Fortnite aim assist ruined competitive Fortnite."

If Epic games are not able to fix the aim assist issue as soon as possible, they might start losing players quickly.

Most players who stopped playing "Fortnite" are now playing "Call Of Duty Warzone" or "Volorent."

Has Tfue quit playing 'Fortnite'?

Tfue is one of the best Battle Royale players in the world. He made a career of playing "Fortnite." Tfue already said that he didn't quit playing "Fortnite" and he thinks the game is unfair and wants to take a break.

Tfue wins his first 'Call Of Duty Warzone' solo match

With over 150 players in Call Of Duty solo match, Tfue was able to survive and be the last man standing. The video is available Twitch.