Things are not looking good for “Fortnite: Battle Royale” as well-known pro-players have left the game and switched to other games like “Call of Duty: Warzone” or “Valorant.” Despite putting up strong numbers over on Twitch, not to mention that the game recently collabed with Marvel’s Deadpool, it looks like the future of the title is bleak if a former Epic employee’s recent comment is anything to go by.

A former employee’s comment about ‘Fortnite’

The YouTube channel of Thatdenverguy uploaded a video where it featured a clip of what he claims to be a former Epic employee who goes by the Twitch handle BoomerGG.

Denver made it clear that what the ex-employee said was just his opinion about the game and its future.

In the video, BoomerGG can be heard saying, “not everyone loves ‘Fortnite.’ In fact, I have a lot of people that watch me for me, but actually don’t like ‘Fortnite.’”

Answering a viewer’s comment stating that Epic’s BR shooter will never die, the streamer said, “Oh no, ‘Fortnite’ will die, for sure. It’s already...again I’m not even being a naysayer or negative person, every game dies. Uhm, ‘Fortnite’ will die. What I'm saying is it gonna die anytime soon? Not necessarily, no. Is it losing a lot of popularity? Absolutely. When ‘Valorant’ comes out, it’s gonna be a large hit for ‘Fortnite.’”

The “Fortnite” YouTuber noticed that at the “it’s already” part of the comment, BoomerGG cut himself off that left him musing what the streamer was supposed to say.

He probably knows something and just stopped himself just in time before spilling it that would, later on, go viral, who knows.

Psalm retiring

Meanwhile, the “Fortnite” community is well-aware about the game’s pro-players leaving the BR shooter for other titles. One of the most recent to retire from the game was Harrison Chang popularly known as “psalm.” The pro took to Twitter a few days back and stated that his “dream is to be the most decorated competitor in gaming history” and revealed that he’s eyeing to play Riot Games’ “Valorant” next.

He thanked Epic’s BR shooter for giving him the opportunity “to achieve what only a few have had the pleasure of accomplishing.”

Even DrLupo and CouRage

Even popular streamers like Ben Lupo (“DrLupo”) and Jack Dunlop (“CouRage”) revealed their reasons why they stopped playing “Fortnite.” During their appearance in “The CouRage and Nadeshot Show,” the latter explained why he put a halt to it saying that he would “literally go insane” if he was trying to play the game like he once did.

He added that he mentally can no longer perform two-minute build battles with SBMM for no return and went on saying that it doesn’t do it for him anymore.

As for DrLupo, he agreed to what CouRage said and said that it’s “hard to play the same thing every single day forever.” Both made it clear, though, that they still love “Fortnite,” but CouRage said that he can no longer go on playing it like the way he did back in 2018.