Another FaZe Clan member is in hot water after a small wager between him and another player didn’t end well. “Fortnite” pro known as Megga (Noam Ackenine) has addressed a Reddit post that has been getting some traction as of late after he was being accused of scamming an opponent for five dollars.

A simple ‘Fortnite’ box fight wager gone bad

Reddit user u/Rise-Random-YT – who claims to be the friend of whom FaZe Megga battled against during the said wager - made a post accusing the “Fortnite” pro of scamming his buddy who goes by the handle Exort Sparkle.

He went on stating that Megga banned his friend right after the pro lost adding that the money was not even awarded to Exort.

Alongside the post was a now-deleted clip showing what transpired between the two. A mirror link was included in the moderator’s comment for those who want to check it out. Per the video, Megga did ban Exort, not to mention that the “Fortnite” pro blurted out some not so cool stuff towards his opponent. Things escalated pretty quickly after that.

Subreddit’s mod on the issue

The subreddit’s (r/FortniteCompetitive) mod, on the other hand, commented that FaZe Megga claims to have reached out to Exort to pay $10 more on top of what they’ve agreed on.

The latter declined, however, and even refused to send his PayPal. Further, it was also noted that it might have been either just “a mix-up or the Reddit post blowing up moved it along.” The moderator ended it advising their community to be civil and don’t witch hunt as the situation is developing.

FaZe Megga being a ‘sore loser’

YouTuber The Fortnite Guy also covered the story on his recent upload and said that he reached out to both players. He even showed the string of conversations between him and FaZe Megga. Per the pro’s response, he stated that he didn’t ban nor scam Exort and explained that he didn’t receive a message from the player on his Discord.

He also made it clear that he’s paying the agreed amount.

When asked if he sent a DM to FaZe Megga, Exort replied yes to the YouTuber. Going back to Megga, he stated that it’s in his rules to message him on Discord adding that he’s not to blame. However, Fortnite Guy learned that the Discord part that Megga’s pointing out was not there in the first place.

In an interview with the YouTuber, Megga admitted that he “handled the situation poorly” saying that he’s a sore loser since he’s not expecting that he’s going to lose the box fight wager. He also explained the Discord part of his rules saying that he initially thought that it was included in the description, though, when he came to double-check, it’s not there. The Fortnite pro went on apologizing to Exort and once again admitted to being a sore loser on that situation.