Things are pretty much stale as of late in “Fortnite: Battle Royale,” but there’s a lot going down among the BR shooter’s pro scene. One that’s blowing up right now is the alleged ghosting of pro player UnknownxArmy.

60 days of no ‘Fortnite’

Just a few hours after the alleged ghosting, it may well seem that Epic Games has dropped its decision by issuing a 60-day ban on UnknownxArmy’s “Fortnite” account. Folks are quick enough to clip the incident and it has been making the rounds since.

Per the video, UnknownxArmy can be heard saying that one from the opposing team has been downed due to fall damage and explained that it’s his chat that guided him to their opponents’ whereabouts which are in Slurpy Swamp.

That said, it can also be observed that the “Fortnite” pro can be seen checking his stream chat during that moment.

ESTNN noted UnknownxArmy’s potential violation within Fortnite Championship Series ruleset (8.2.1) stating that getting outside help regarding the location of enemy players, opponents’ health/equipment, or any other information not otherwise known to the player by the information on his/her own screen. The website added that UnknownxArmy got outside assistance from his chat.

The gray area

There’s a bit of a gray area, however, as coaches of these “Fortnite” pros guide them during a match.

The main goal of the coach is to identify aspects of a specific game that their player may not have seen yet. ESTNN added that it’s difficult to police the above-mentioned rule since FNCS is an online tournament.

UnknownxArmy ‘addressing’ the situation

UnknownxArmy, on the other hand, took to Twitter to reveal that his “Fortnite” account just got banned.

This alongside the tweet, “I don’t know what to say man I’m quitting ‘Fortnite’ and streaming.” He even went live on his Twitch to “explain the situation” where he initially posted FaZe Jarvis’ apology video before showing himself on the latter part of the stream. Folks over on Reddit who saw his so-called explanation stream noticed that both Unknown and Ronaldo were faking their sobs and asking for gifted subs to “make it better.”

The “Fortnite” community has thrown their two cents about UnknownxArmy’s recent ban.

While there are those who believe that the pro deserved it, there are also stated that the punishment is quite ridiculous since most of the streamers get tips from their chat. One Reddit user - u/sours- - even suggested that Epic Games should devise a new rule where pros that will be participating in either FNCS or other “Fortnite” tourneys should not stream the match. The OP went on stating that Epic’s “losing their grip” on their comp scene adding that the banning of Unknown was poorly thought.

Update (31/03/2020) : Apparently, UnknownxArmy's recent tweet about him getting a 60-day ban was false. He didn't get a 60-day ban. Instead, Epic struck him with the ban hammer for falsely promoting a ban on social messaging. The message even advised the 'Fortnite' pro to refrain from repeat offenses, otherwise, his account will get banned.