After he was indefinitely suspended by his gaming organization, pretty much nothing was heard from “Fortnite: Battle Royalepro-player Daniel “Dubs” Walsh. It looks like the days of being radio-silent is over for this young FaZe Clan member after he just posted a lengthy apology over on Twitter.

FaZe Dubs addresses the incident

After over a month, Dubs tweeted an update on what he’s been up to and detailed how it’s like under the so-called sensitivity training that he has undergone. He started it off by sending out his apologies to the people that he had offended during that time adding that “there are no words to describe the extent of how truly sorry” he is.

‘Fortnite’ pro completing sensitivity training with a coach

Further, he revealed that he has completed FaZe Clan’s sensitivity training and even mentioned a “sensitivity coach” that taught him of the “history and original use of some of the most commonly misused offensive words.” He also noted that prior to his suspension and training, he had a different understanding of those words and he’s now “appalled” knowing the fact that he once used those words recklessly.

That said, the “Fortnite” pro went on stating that he’s “now determined to take a stand” against the use of such derogatory words and to live by the motto “think before you speak.” Dubs capped it off by thanking his FaZe family for supporting him throughout this time and his followers that according to him, held him accountable for his actions.

Owning up to his mistake, the post has been well-received by the community and as of writing, the “Fortnite” pro’s tweet has been getting a ton of interactions (11k likes) over on Twitter. This is actually his second time addressing what happened and apologized to the folks that he offended. On March 1, he already made an apology tweet stating that what he said was “hurtful, insensitive, and wrong” and the word shouldn’t have been in his vocabulary.

Not the first time

For the uninitiated, FaZe Dubs was caught uttering an awful remark on someone else’s “Fortnite” Livestream on February 29 that spread on the interweb like wildfire. FaZe Clan took notice of what their member spat out on that stream and immediately issued an official statement announcing that the pro-player is suspended indefinitely.

Could be returning real soon

Now that lessons have been learned, FaZe Dubs’ followers are waiting for his return doing his usual “Fortnite” grind. He didn’t disclose a definite date as to when he’ll be making a comeback, including his career status, but considering the latest tweet from him addressing the incident, it is likely that his return will be very soon.