“Call of Duty: Warzone” Season 3 has brought in numerous changes in the game alongside some bug fixes as these are noted in the patch notes. There are players, however, who have noticed that there were tweaks in the game that were not mentioned in the notes and these have been shared by a YouTuber in his recent video.

Sneaky tweaks in ‘Warzone’

The YouTube channel – TheXclusiveAce – made a video about what he calls “stealth changes” in “Warzone.” He also mentioned Infinity Ward’s penchant of rolling out unannounced changes in the game as their reasons for doing so remains unknown.

He started things off with what he believes to be the most obvious change that was not made known which is the High Alert perk buff. Prior to the recent update, if the said perk is equipped and an enemy looks at you outside your field of view, the edges of the screen will turn yellow. This provided that the enemy does not have Cold Blooded. Now, High Alert will tell the general direction of the enemy whenever they’re looking at you. Ace even provided a gameplay clip showing this “Warzone” perk in action after the update.

There’s also a minor map change (for multiplayer) that he stumbled upon after the patch – the once closed door in Khandor Hideout. The huge doors were previously blocked off, but now the developers decided to unlock it as it has a passageway leading to the middle of the map.

A bit QoL improvement was also tackled on the video which is an option that allows players to clear up those indicators that there’s something new in the menu. So yeah, goodbye green diamonds.

Either intentional or bugged

Next up is the alleged M4A1 and MP7 nerfs. According to the YouTuber, there were claims that these two weapons were toned down by Infinity Ward that’s why he ran some tests himself.

After doing some in-game testing, he concluded that there were no noticeable changes with either of the weapons in multiplayer. When it comes to “Warzone” however, the results were inconclusive since according to him it’s nearly impossible to run a test on this as he explained that the game’s battle royale mode doesn’t have custom games.

Blasting News made a report about this one early on where he said that there were “Warzone” players claiming that the Ghost perk no longer counters the Heartbeat Sensor. TheXclusiveAce also did a test on this using both his actual and dummy account and may have debunked such claims about the perk. In the video, he showed that the Ghost still does work against Heartbeat. He pointed out, however, that it does not mean that the perk doesn’t bug out.

He also received reports that the FMJ weapon perk in “Warzone” could be buffed by the developer. This after gameplay clips from players show that their losing both their health and armor when getting shot by enemies. The results of his test yielded that it’s still working as intended, though he said the he needs to run more tests on this one.

RPG nerf/vehicle buff

“Warzone” players are also noticing that either RPGs in the game were stealth nerfed or vehicles received a secret buff. TheXclusiveAce said that he too observed it in-game were the weapon can no longer instantly blow up vehicles. He pointed out, though that the change was felt prior to Season 3.

Meanwhile, Infinity Ward brought back BR Trios in “Warzone,” but players are complaining that both its ground loot and loot pool are not updated. The developer immediately addressed it and deployed a fix for it.