The “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” community has been musing as to when the new master camo will be dropping in the game. Infinity Ward has been teasing about it for quite a while now and the developer has just spilled some intel on when it will be released.

‘Modern Warfare’ master camo this mid-season

Infinity Ward’s Co-Design Director of Multiplayer Joe Cecot confirmed it on a recent tweet after someone from the “Modern Warfare” community asked about it including the game’s weapon mastery challenges. Cecot revealed that it should arrive during the title’s mid-season update, though he pointed out that “it will require gold be unlocked for the weapon before it will progress,” not to mention that it will take a long time.

As for the mechanics on how this works, Charlie Intel noted that players will only require gold on each weapon they want to unlock the master camo for. Further, the website explained that “Modern Warfare” players need not have gold for every weapon including the new DLC ones for them to progress for a master camo for a specific weapon.

Gunsmith Custom feature

Players also asked if they still need to unlock Damascus to grind for the upcoming camo to which Cecot replied that it won’t be necessary.

Meanwhile over on the “Modern Warfare” subreddit, Infinity Ward’s Art Director Joel Emslie (u/artpeasant) stated that both the above-mentioned camo and the Gunsmith Custom features will be rolled out in the mid-season patch.

Emslie made it clear that he’s not certain about a definite time of the release of the two contents, though he believes that it will be in “Modern Warfare’s” current season to avoid confusion.

He also assured players that the weapon master calling cards (same as the mastery calling cards in “MW2”) are also in the works and “not far behind.”

Weapon fixes in Season 3

Meanwhile, “Modern Warfare” Season 3 patch notes have brought in numerous changes and bug fixes in the game.

As for the weapon fixes here’s what they’ve resolved:

  • Decreased the aim down sight (ADS) spread for shotgun slugs
  • Included descriptions to slugs stating that the longer barrels and chokes the better the ADS accuracy
  • Updated the weapon names to match the weapon logos
  • Resolved an issue where “The Line Breaker” version of the M14 EBR could outperform the standard iteration of the weapon
  • Fixed an issue with the “Cherry Blossom” version of the Akimbo handguns where the animation is bugged while ADS on ladders
  • Akimbo weapons are now starting off with two extra magazines of ammo instead of one
  • Tightened up the hip spread on the VLK Rogue shotgun
  • Also tightened the pellet spread of the Model 680’s Slug 6-R Mags
  • Resolved an issue where there’s a white, opaque lens showing whenever players attach the sniper scope to the MK2 Carbine while they’re in the Gunsmith.
  • Resolved an issue with the smoke grenade where it does not emit any smoke when fired with the under barrel of a 40mm smokescreen launcher

Players might want to visit Infinity Ward’s website for the Season 3 patch notes of “Modern Warfare” and “Warzone.”