“Call of Duty: Warzone” Season 3 is well underway and added some new content to Infinity Ward’s battle royale shooter. A popular game mode, however, has just been removed in the battle royale shooter and the community is without a doubt furious about it.

No Trios this time ‘Warzone’

A post from Reddit user u/IWoooooOI is getting some massive attention over on r/CODWarzone as of late where the player expressed his frustration about the developer’s unpopular move. In his post, the OP asked the game maker as to why they added Quads but took out Trios.

Further, the player stated that the player base wants all game modes – Solos, Duos, Trios, Quads, and not just a couple of options.

The irked “Warzone” player also pointed out that “this better not mean Quads will go away eventually or something.” The Reddit user went on expressing his bafflement about what happened stating, “I’m not sure why it’s so hard to just leave all modes in the game.”

Players’ opinions

Down in the comments, one player (u/Chase10784) noted that this seems to be what Infinity Ward does - “give a little taste and take it away” so that the community gets hyped about it when the game mode in “Warzone” comes back and think that it will draw more players. While many from the subreddit seem to agree to what the commenter said, there is one who seems to disagree with the statement.

Reddit user u/TransparentPolitics described them as “delusional,” adding that if the developer noticed that they are losing players by “switching modes in and out,” they would put it to a halt. The player also highlighted that Infinity Ward has “more information/metrics” and went on stating that when the developer carries on to do something in “Warzone” that seems to “counterintuitive” to other players, it’s because “it’s working on the general population.”

U/GeneralBrothers’ now-deleted post was also well-received by the “Warzone” subreddit, where he pitched the idea for Infinity Ward to at least maintain three playable options in their BR shooter.

According to the OP (as noted by Dexerto), “Solos, Duos, and Squads is the right way to do it.” The player further explained to why the Trios mode is not necessary as he stated that players can play a fair game alone or with a buddy and being in a squad of three in a four-man squad game “is not a big deal.”

Probable reason

There are “Warzone” players who suggested that it’s probable that the developer had chosen to maintain a selected number of game modes for them to improve the matchmaking experience on their title. Otherwise, it could result in longer waiting times, not to mention the awful connections. Let’s see how this setup works out in “Warzone.” In the meantime, check out what’s new this season.