The “Call of Duty” perk known as Ghost has been in the game for the longest time as it offers players immunity from unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and to heartbeat sensors in “Modern Warfare” multiplayer. However, “Warzone” players have come across an issue with the said perk and this needs to be looked upon by Infinity Ward.

The issue with the Ghost perk

A “Warzone” player (u/skk50) recently took to the game’s subreddit to reveal that the Ghost perk has a serious flaw right now. The player claims that the said perk is still detectable on the heartbeat sensor and this has cost him several games (players equipped with Cold Blooded and Ghost).

According to him, on his three “Warzone” deaths in Solos, the killcam revealed that there are players who have stalked him using the heartbeat sensor. Further, the player also pointed out these:

  • “Happens static prone and sneaking around, so it ain’t movement-related.”
  • “No shots were fired so it’s not a cooldown.”
  • “First life, first loadout so it’s not perk overlays.”

Skk50 went on stating that the issue is “clearly inconsistent” since the player claims to have also used heartbeat and has tripped over and even sometimes eliminated other “Warzone” players who do not show up on his heartbeat sensor while playing that day. The OP even provided a direct link to Activision’s support page as he noted that “occasional issues” similar to this are according to him “impossible to fix” if both the developer and testing team can’t replicate them.

This is not yet certain, but the OP believes that this issue with the Ghost perk came alongside the release of “Warzone’s” third season. Per Dexerto, there are players that prior to the recent update, have reported that the perk in question has concealed them from heartbeat sensors.

Could be for balancing reasons

There were others who argued that the perk’s weakness may be due to balancing reasons in “Warzone” since it would be quite overpowered if it provided players with complete invisibility.

If this was indeed true, the website added that it’s unlikely that the developer would revert their previous decision, especially this soon into the BR shooter’s lifespan.

Infinity Ward, on the other hand, has yet to address this concern from their “Warzone” player base. Let’s just hope that the developer stays committed to rolling out patches in the game as they’ve demonstrated in the past.

Hacking in ‘Warzone’

Meanwhile, ‘Warzone” players have also expressed their concerns about the numerous hacking instances in the game. One of the well-known players who have recently voiced out such concern was 100 Thieves founder Matthew Haag a.k.a. “Nadeshot.” This after their trio consisting of equally famed content creators TimTheTatman and Courage fell victim to an opposing team who was evidently hacking during a match earlier this month.

He is in disbelief that a AAA developer skipped adding an anti-cheat system into “Warzone” and instead designated a so-called security team to review hacker’s accounts. That said, Nadeshot pointed out that the game already has more than 30 million players adding that he doesn’t want the title to just die out because of hacking.