After months of being secretive about their latest endeavor – initially dubbed “Project A,” - Riot Games finally revealed it as “Valorant” alongside a nearly three-minute clip of gameplay. The video provided a sneak peek on what players should expect about some of the characters’ abilities and features. One of them is a neat option that first-person shooter players will definitely like.

A request option in ‘Valorant’

Counter-Strike” players are well-acquainted with the fact that in order to donate a weapon to a teammate, players need to purchase a weapon before dropping it off in-game.

Valorant,” on the other hand, has a more efficient approach to such method as they give players the option to request funds to other team members to buy their weapon of choice. This feature will also come in handy to players who are just not comfortable talking on a mic or don’t have one at all.

The game’s economy

Alongside the roster of weapons, “Valorant’s” weapon economy also includes details on how much in-game currency you and your teammates have and the weapons they’ve purchased. There are also prompts that players can input:

  • “LET’S BUY”
  • “LET’S SAVE”

A so-called minimum round bonus is also indicated that shows the amount of currency you’ll be getting even if you lose the round.

It’s also important to know that the above-mentioned economy works differently to the characters’ abilities

The characters’ abilities, on the other hand, has a different currency. Per YouTuber Click Heads, a character’s utility can only be bought through points and these can be earned by performing certain actions:

  • Capturing orbs that are scattered throughout the map
  • Eliminating enemies
  • Planting/defusing the Spike

The three also apply when characters refill their ultimate (ult) meters.

It does not indicate on the buy screen, however, the number of points a player earned, but it does show the cost of each item.

30 fps for min-spec PCs

Meanwhile, “Valorant’s” website also noted that the developers have designed Riot’s upcoming FP shooter to run at “30 frames per second on most min-spec computers” and 60 to 144 fps on high-end PC builds (with 128-tick servers).

It was also noted that they’ll be rolling out data centers in major cities that are aimed at <35ms ping, not to mention that the extensive anti-cheat system by the time the game goes live. Further, the website also pointed out that “shooting in ‘Valorant’ is precise, consequential, and highly-lethal" adding that they want their players to win on both their skills and strategy.

A definite release date for “Valorant” has yet to be determined by Riot Games, though the game’s official Twitter account announced that it will be out Summer 2020. Stay tuned for more updates regarding this new FP shooter.