A few days ago, Epic Games rolled out a small update that addressed several issues that have plagued “Fortnite: Battle Royale’s” second season. A couple of new bugs were discovered by players where one involves the XP coins while the other is a so-called “arrow issue” in Team Rumble. Both were brought to light over on the game’s subreddit and those who were affected by it have expressed their ire about it.

‘Fortnite’s’ XP coins not counting

Reddit user u/Ultrabluex posted a short clip over on r/FortNiteBR where it shows the in-game XP coins not giving any experience points.

The player also detailed his pre and post XP stat including the experience that he earned after the match (on top of the green XP coin that he got).

The post revealed other players who have experienced the XP bug. One commented that the only type of XP coin that works for him are the purple ones. Further, the player claims that he has collected the green, blue, and gold XP coins, but no progression in experience. Another “Fortnite” player backed up the claim, though he stated that there were instances that even the purple coins don’t work for him. A player also shared that he got three coins in his previous match and even with the surge, he didn’t notice any progress on his XP bar.

Epic investigates

Epic Games’ Community Coordinator EmptyTux responded to the post and assured the “Fortnite” community that they’re now investigating the XP coin issue adding that they will be providing updates on the game’s Trello once they’ve obtained more info about it. He also noted that they’ll keep track of the collected XP coins and they’ll compensate any missing experience points by the time update 12.10 drops.

Team Rumble’s arrow problem

Another emerging issue that’s being brought up is the arrow bug within “Fortnite’s” Team Rumble. According to u/lurker17066, it has been in the game for quite some time now and it has gotten worse with the recent update.

Just like the XP coin bug, the player also posted a clip where it shows how these arrows affect their gameplay as it keeps on disappearing from nearby friendlies thus creating confusion between them. It can also be observed on the clip that his buddy got the same bug as he stated that his arrow is apparently not showing up on his ally’s end. The bug has been costing affected players both their ammo and mats, not to mention that enemies can take advantage of such an issue.

EpicBoaty – also an Epic Community Coordinator – took notice of the post as he replied that the issue is now being looked upon. Boaty did not mention a definite timeframe, however, on when the issue will be removed from “Fortnite.” Hopefully, these issues get fixed soon.