Fortnite: Battle Royale” pro and massive Twitch streamer Turner “Tfue” Tenney’s name is buzzing anew as of late after revealing that he and equally popular makeup guru James Charles spent Valentine’s Day together. This got a lot of eyebrows raising as internet folks couldn’t help themselves but to react over this unlikely turn of events.

‘Fortnite’ pro shooting his shot

Just a few days back, Charles took to Twitter to ask as to “who’s gonna take one for the team” and be his Valentine. To everyone’s surprise, Tfue responded to the tweet that he’s down with the idea.

Charles then asked the streamer on where their date will be to which Tfue replied, “anywhere but L.A.” The “Fortnite” pro then posted on his social media a photo of themselves on a jetski with the caption “it never hurts to shoot your shot” and it has been getting a ton of interaction from both their fans and other well-known online personalities.

Tfue’s “thumbnail guy” - FaZe Cuds (@CodsDesigns) tweeted and edited the photo of the two where he swapped the faces of the couple alongside the caption “those squats are paying off.” FaZe EwOk also commented over on Twitter that Tfue should release a vlog about what went down on their date. Even the rapper songwriter Lil NasX left a comment on Tfue’s post.

Corinna reacts

His former girlfriend and YouTuber Corinna Kopf also took notice of her ex-beau's post. Per her tweet, she’s wondering as to why Charles was at Tfue’s house in Florida.

Down in the comments, however, people believe that the content creator was just chasing clout and at the same time asking her why she’s still tweeting about it since they’re no longer together.

Back to the photo in question, there are some who pointed out that there seems to be a lipstick mark/hickey on Tfue’s left collarbone, though there were others who explained that it could be from wearing a weighted vest while working out.

Whatever that is, the two sure had a good time and it remains to be seen if this meet up will result in a friendship or beyond that.

Hanging out with Banks

A few weeks back, Tfue was also spotted with FaZe Clan owner Ricky Banks (a.k.a. FaZe Banks) albeit the fact that the former is currently on a legal battle against the latter’s eSports team. Banks posted a selfie on his Instagram story showing him alongside Tfue with the caption “what are we doing?” Banks even made a comment on Tfue’s post about his recent break up with Kopf where he tweeted, “let’s just go back to how things were.”

As for the ongoing legal proceedings, it can be recalled that FaZe’s legal team attempted to have the lawsuit dismissed.

Nonetheless, Judge Patricia Nieto sided with the “Fortnite” pro as both parties are slated to return to court on July 6.