tokyo olympics 2020 are due to open in another 170 days’ time and the coronavirus threat looms large on the horizon. A senior Olympic official assured that there will be no suspension of the games but the threat could have some effect on the preparatory actions. Toshiro Muto is the chief executive of the Tokyo Olympic organizing committee. The Guardian notes that in a meeting in Tokyo with officials from the International Paralympic Committee, he said, “I am seriously worried that the spread of the infectious disease could throw cold water on the momentum toward the Games.” He hoped it would come under control at the earliest.

The mayor of the athletes’ village also harbored similar concerns because the facility will have to accommodate nearly 11,000 competitors and the logistics would have a tough task to cater to this new development.

The Guardian quotes the mayor as saying that the organizers would try to ensure that the athletes are able to concentrate on performing their best. He hopes the coronavirus will be controlled in time to allow for the smooth operation of the Paralympics and Olympics.

The death toll from the coronavirus outbreak in mainland China is reported as 490 with the number of those at infected more than 23,000. It has already affected a number of qualifying games that were scheduled to be held in China.

Japan is alive to the coronavirus threat

Japan is approaching the issue with caution. There are no instances of death from the virus in the country but there are people who are infected.

A number of passengers on board a luxury cruise liner tested positive for the illness. The health authorities have quarantined the ship and crew for 14 days. The Games will see players from different parts of the world Travel to Japan to participate. There will also be tourists who will come to watch the games. Unless coronavirus is controlled, the fears of them falling prey to it will remain.

The charms of an international event of this magnitude will be lost to something beyond control.

The Guardian makes a mention of the sports committees who are on tenterhooks, worried about the fate of the games. A spokesman for the Paralympic committee said they have full confidence that concerned authorities will have a coordinated approach to tackle the problem. In the opinion of Yuriko Koike, the governor of Tokyo, failure to contain coronavirus could affect the Games. She says, “We must firmly tackle the new coronavirus to contain it, or we are going to regret it.” It is a major event for Japan and there is a huge demand for tickets.

Need to eradicate coronavirus immediately

According to BBC, there are concerns among organizers of the Tokyo Olympics 2020 regarding the spread of coronavirus and the corresponding impact on the Games this summer. Some qualification events are already affected. The World Health Organization (WHO) has labeled the outbreak of coronavirus as a global health emergency. The Games would start on 24 July and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe says his people would make all-out efforts to reduce the impact on the games. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) is seized with the problem and is maintaining contact with the WHO. It is a complicated situation for the hosts Japan who are coordinating with all associated agencies to ensure the safety of everyone.

Many countries have already imposed control on their borders to prevent the entry of people attacked by coronavirus.

Japan concerned by coronavirus

Japan is hosting the Olympics for the second time. The last time it was more than half a century ago in 1964. It has worked hard to put up a grand show but the sudden coronavirus threat has acted as a dampener. The authorities are trying to come to terms with reality and are hoping the cloud will clear before it is too late.