Infinity Ward and Activision have recently released "Call of Duty: Warzone" as both an addition to "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare" and a standalone game. Both versions of the game are free to play, which is a big reason why the game has gotten 30 million players in less than two weeks. In addition, the video game developer keep releasing new content to it, so we can expect it to get even more popular in the future.

Many players are still learning the game and figuring out the most effective ways to get on top and get victories. Recently, TheXclusiveAce, who is a popular "Call of Duty" YouTuber, has released the list of every gun in the game with its stats.

This list includes all the weapons, from lightmachine guns and marksman rifles to assault rifles and submachine guns. Let's check out the list and see what guns are most effective in "Call of Duty: Warzone."

Lightmachine guns, marksman rifles, snipers, sidearms

With 40 damage per shot and 619 rounds per minute (RPM), SA87 is capable of dishing out 413 damage per second (DPS), which would place it above every other lightmachine gun in the game. However, this weapon is not as effective against enemies with three plates of armor. In this situation, MG 34 and PKM are much better choices, and while they require players to hit more shots, their faster fire rate makes them more viable.

When it comes to marksman rifles, both Kar98k and MK2 are capable of taking enemies without armor down with a single shot.

However, Kar98k is much better against three-plate armor enemies as it takes only two shots to take them down, while MK2 requires an extra shot. For sniper rifles, AX50 is the best choice right now.

The .50GS is the best sidearm in "Call of Duty: Warzone" at the moment. While its one of the slowest weapons in its class, it deals the most damage per shot with 77.

In other words, taking full armor enemies down can be done with only four shots.

Shotguns, assault rifles, submachine guns

In terms of stats, Model 680 is the superior shotgun in "Call of Duty: Warzone" and it can eliminate enemies with a single hit. However, every other shotgun in the game can take opponents with full armor down in two shots, and 725 is another good choice.

Unsurprisingly, the M4 is still the best assault rifle in the video game. This assault rifle is a beast with .458 rounds as it only takes six shots to eliminate fully-plated enemies. In comparison, using 9mm bullets requires 12 shots for a successful enemy takedown, which is a huge difference. FN FAL is another assault rifle that is very good in terms of stats, and RAM-7 is the third-best weapon in its class.

Finally, the AUG equipped with the 5.56 NATO rounds ends up having the highest DPS out of all submachine guns. Thanks to its high damage and fast fire rate, it takes the least time to take an enemy down and only requires six hits.