Epic Games has turned "Fortnite Battle Royale" into one of the most popular and most profitable Video Games of all time. Not only did the video game developer make a huge profit off it, but the most skilled players have done the same, with some of them making even millions of dollars. Each season, players have a chance to compete in big official in-game tournaments and win money while also qualifying for bigger tournaments.

This year, Fortnite World Cup will most likely not happen, but that doesn't mean that the "Fortnite" developer will not organize more in-game tournaments with massive cash prizes.

Week 1 of Fortnite Championship Series has been recently concluded, but once again, it did not end without controversy. Epic Games ended up banning four professional players because of cheating, and once again, the community is divided as some players defend the banned participants, while some of them believe that Epic has made the right decision.

The cheating accident

In the NA-East region, the first-placed duo was Slackes and Keys, while the duo of Kreo and Bucke found themselves in second place. The total prize pool for the competitive series is 5 million dollars, and the first week had rewarded Slacks and Keys with 4,500 dollars, or 2,250 dollars each. The second-placed team was set to make 4,200 dollars (2,100 dollars each), but Epic Games has banned them.

Twitter user Droxide has posted a video of these two teams trading shots to avoid Storm Surge. Many "Fortnite Battle Royale" players are familiar with the concept of Storm Surge and they know that it can be a big problem. Basically, this mechanic forces players to damage their enemies, and if they do not, they start losing health and eventually die.

Storm Surge is in place so players don't camp too excessively, and it is something several players struggle with.

As can be seen in the video above, the aforementioned teams were caught trading shots with each other in order to avoid Storm Surge in later stages of the game.

They did this in multiple games, not just one, which gave them a huge and unfair advantage over their enemies. In one clip, Bucke can even be seen finishing without protecting himself as he knew that he wouldn't get finished by the opposing team.

Epic Games reacted with a quick ban

Before the new competitive season began, Epic Games had implemented some strict rules for competitive gaming in "Fortnite Battle Royale." These rules state that players can be banned even for signaling other players with pickaxe swinging, let alone avoiding Storm Surge by trading tags. The video game developer has banned the four players for 60 days, which was a surprise, but a good move.

The game developer has received a lot of complaints about cheaters in the past and it is good to see that they are doing something about them.

Of course, the banned players were not happy and they had their excuses.