"Fortnite Battle Royale" developer Epic Games has released big changes and additions with the first patch of Chapter 2, Season 2. For the first time ever, there are bosses who drop Mythic weapons in the game, as well as other non-playable characters players can eliminate for loot. Since the initial patch of the season came out, there have been two major updates, with the last one being the v12.20 patch which was released on Tuesday, March 17.

It seems that Epic Games is going to release bi-weekly updates for "Fortnite Battle Royale" once again, which is a good news considering that the first season of the new chapter did not have many updates.

In addition to this, the game developer will keep releasing smaller patches and hotfixes. The most recent hotfix has nerfed Remote Explosives in the game, which is a great news for the competitive community.

The explosive nerf was not announced

Chapter 2 of "Fortnite Battle Royale" has brought a lot of new things to the game, but unfortunately, Epic Games has stopped releasing patch notes in this chapter. These notes would contain all the changes that come with patches and would help players adjust and come up with new strategies. However, since the video game developer has stopped releasing them, players now have to find them on their own.

The most recent hotfix was not announced by Epic Games either.

Instead, "Fortnite Battle Royale" data miners have found it out and shared it with the community. Hypex, one of the most popular data miners, has shared the news on his Twitter profile. Remote Explosives (C4) have been affected by the latest "Fortnite" hotfix as Epic Games has nerfed them. This was not the only item that was nerfed as the Grappler and the Harpoon Gun were nerfed with the v12.20 patch, and Epic has also removed nearly half of the Slurp trucks from the island.

The hotfix has drastically reduced the spawn rate of Remote Explosives in the competitive modes. Instead of three explosives, players can now only get one of them from loot sources. In addition to this, the spawn rate of the item has been reduced by 50 percent. The previous drop rate from supply drops was 0.4 and is now 0.2, while the spawn rate from loot floor and chests was 0.3 before the hotfix and has been reduced to 0.15.

Competitive changes

The competitive community has been asking for many changes in "Fortnite Battle Royale," and the Remote Explosives nerf was one of them. We can expect Epic Games to release even more changes in the future and it's a good news that the competitive modes are getting their exclusive changes as well. Hopefully, the game developer will also add more mobility options very soon.