Fortnite: Battle Royale” pro and FaZe Clan member Dubs (Daniel Walsh) is in hot water right now after he accidentally blurted out the N-bomb on someone’s livestream. The player addressed it over on social media and apologized to those who got offended by it. In line with this, FaZe released an official statement stating that they are suspending the teen indefinitely.

‘Fortnite’ pro’s apology

As mentioned, Dubs took to his Twitter to address the situation. According to him, it was not his intention to be hurtful in any way but pointed out that what he just said during the stream was without a doubt hurtful.

He added that “the word” shouldn’t have been in his vocabulary and went on to apologize to everyone and said that they deserve better.

Dubs suspended indefinitely

Gaming org Faze Clan, on the other hand, issued a statement that saying that they indefinitely suspend the 15-year-old “Fortnite” pro. Per the organization’s statement, they do not tolerate such speech, adding that it’s essential for them to “foster an inclusive environment” within the gaming community.

As a result, FaZe has decided to implement the sanction and barred Dubs from representing their team in professional competitions, posting on his social media accounts, and streaming. Further, the organization now requires the player to undergo what they call “sensitivity training,” including the rest of the members of FaZe.

For the uninitiated, Twitter user Yarlei (@Yxrlei) posted a 15-second clip from the stream of the “Fortnite” player known as Scrubz showing the incident. It can clearly be heard on the background that FaZe Dubs dropped the inappropriate slur to which Scrubz immediately reminded him (Dubs) that he’s streaming.

The tweet has since been getting a ton of attention on the web that the OP claims that FaZe Dubs’ friends sent him messages telling him to delete the clip.

Yarlei, however, declined the request. However, note that Basting News won't share the offensive clip here as it's against acceptable content policies.

The community reacts

The “Fortnite” community has expressed their opinions about Dubs’ situation. There were those who defended the pro player and there were those who want him canceled. There were even some who went as far as backtracking FaZe Dubs’ past streams and allegedly they found several instances of him saying the N-word on stream.

Popular YouTuber Scarce, also covered Dub’s story and featured a video from Twitter user KHARRII discussing some good points about the “Fortnite” player’s situation.

In the clip, he said that he believes that Dubs should not get canceled adding that he’s just a kid and they do make mistakes. He pointed out though, that defending what the teen did is just as reckless as saying the word. Another YouTuber – The Fortnite Guy also tweeted that he’s sad seeing pro players like Dubs use such words, adding that young people don’t understand the severity of saying something like that.

That said, it is pretty much uncertain if Dubs will return representing FaZe by the time the suspension is lifted. One thing’s for sure, though, this will definitely take a huge toll on his career as a “Fortnite” pro moving forward.