Epic Games has recently released a new season for "Fortnite Battle Royale" and many players are still discovering all new things it has brought to the game. Released on February 20, Chapter 2 - Season 2 entered its second week on Thursday as players got more weekly challenges to complete. It appears that the video game developer will no longer be releasing weekly updates with new content, but will instead focus on fixing bugs and making the game more stable.

While the v12.00 update, which was the first update of the new season, has added a lot of new content to the game, Epic Games hasn't added anything new in the patches after that.

There have been a couple of smaller patches which fixed several bugs in the game, but they have also brought new bugs, which is not ideal. "Fortnite" players have recently discovered another exploit which lets them build through walls, and they are hoping the game developer will fix this issue very soon.

Building through existing structures is possible

Building mechanics is what separates "Fortnite Battle Royale" from other games in the same genre. It makes the game unique and fun and is a huge reason why the game has become so popular in almost every part of the world. However, the building is not just the most important mechanic in the game, it is also the mechanic that has the most bugs and glitches, and some of them simply break the game.

One of the recent patches has made building through walls possible. While building through walls has been possible in the past, the new exploit makes it very easy to do, which is something that worries a lot of players. Reddit user FKMasku has recently shared a video on how to use the latest exploit, showcasing the smooth way to do it.

As can be seen in the clip above, players simply need to approach a wall to be able to build through it. Before the exploit, players needed to edit a wall to be able to build through it, but the bug makes it so easy to build outside the box without any editing.

Furthermore, this means that players can build in their opponent's box, which gives them a massive advantage, especially over those who are unaware of the glitch.

The fix will hopefully come soon

Epic Games hasn't revealed the status of this "Fortnite Battle Royale" exploit yet, but it will probably take some time until it's fixed. The Reddit post has not gotten a lot of attention, so it's not surprising that the game developer hasn't responded to it. In the meantime, players should be careful while boxing in and going for build fights against their opponents. The exploit can be easily used and there is no doubt that more players will use it to their advantage until it's fixed.