A lot of Season 2 leaks have been dug up by data miners within the “Fortnite: Battle Royale” game files, not to mention the glitches that were also stumbled upon by the gaming community. Here goes another one as leakers believe that one of the most debated weapons in the game could be making a comeback.

‘Fortnite’s’ Guided Missile might return

The 3D model of the game’s Guided Missile has been spotted, once again, over on r/FortNiteBR. Reddit user u/xXCBRYC3Xx claims that it’s being added to the “Fortnite” game files again. From the looks of it, the yet-to-be-confirmed weapon’s design remains the same, though its power remains to be seen.

According to Dexerto, game developer Epic Games could be reintroducing the weapon into its Creative mode or bring it to “Fortnite’s” Explosive LTM since players have noticed how “explosive” the game’s current season is (note that they’ve brought back C4 this season). The website believes that there’s a good chance the Guided Missile will still be overpowered in the BR shooter. This will be good for making highlight clips, however, provided that it does not get in the way of Competitive.

The Guided Missile was first introduced back in March of 2018 and players back then immediately noticed how OP the weapon was. Epic took action about it and made some tweaks on the weapon, but it got nerfed hard.

Players rarely used the weapon after that and it was finally vaulted in April of that same year.

More items found

There were also other upcoming items that were recently leaked by other data miners. One of them is a consumable known as “Disguise.” According to “Fortnite” leaker FireMonkey (@iFireMonkey), it has a similar data tag just like the one on the wearable Bush adding that it might allow players to disguise themselves on the run rather than using a phone booth.

In line with this, there are new POIs in the game that are being guarded by NPC players where loot chests and vaults can be found and these can only be accessed by scanning the face of knocked NPC. This item might be of help.

Data miner Lucas7yoshi (@Lucas7yoshi), on the other hand, tweeted a couple of images tagged as “Security Plans” and “Hench Life.” He doesn’t have details on how the former would work in the game, however, and stated that this is classified under Ammo.

He believes that the item might be included in one of “Fortnite’s” Challenges.

There are players who might be aware of this since it was already shown by the time “Fortnite” Season 2 was announced. Dubbed the Proximity Mine, the new throwable item will explode when an opponent comes near it. According to HYPEX (@HYPEX), it will have a max stack size of six.