Fortnite: Battle Royale’s” second season is still a couple of weeks away and its player base has grown a bit impatient over new content in the game. Also, the BR shooter’s first season has been met with several bugs, glitches, and exploits as some of them have been game-breaking. A new glitch has been discovered where it allowed players to phase through walls...again.

Phasing through walls

Reddit user Trotz_DespiTe posted a short video over on r/FortniteCompetitive where it featured the new wall glitch. The 11-second clip showed the OP engaged in a box fight against another player who’s on higher ground.

The player then placed a metal platform to cover him from the OP’s attack.

Trotz made a quick edit on the metal floor before destroying his opponent’s wall while crouching under the edited metal structure. To his surprise, the OP noticed that his weapon was poking through the wall that prompted him to shoot the other player that eventually got eliminated. The OP’s disbelief can also be heard before the video ended. It’s not yet certain what triggered the glitch, but it sure is game-breaking once players learned how to replicate it.

Several of these “phase through walls” glitches/exploits have been discovered in the past as some of them are believed to be still in “Fortnite BR.” Its game developer Epic Games has yet to address these, though it is quite possible that all these wall issues will be fixed come update V11.50 since it was revealed by the developer that the battle royale shooter will be switching to Unreal Engine’s Chaos physics engine that would make walls more realistic.

This could get players banned

A similar glitch was also discovered by YouTuber Glitch King where it allows players to go under the map. To trigger it, players must find a boat on the map, ride it, and go to a specific location within Frenzy Farm as shown by the YouTuber.

It can be seen in the video that he went towards a certain haystack on the map and built a structure around it (players will have to build the same structure the YouTuber built on the video).

Once everything has been set up, players need to get back on the boat and park it inside the structure. The YouTuber pointed out that the boat needs to be on top of the haystack, otherwise, players will have to reposition the boat using a pickaxe.

Hide inside the haystack and look down and stop hiding.

Per GK, this step might take a few tries to pull off and if it doesn’t seem to work, players can try looking up. If done correctly, players will find themselves under the map. Further, GK explained that players can get easy Victory Royales using the said exploit, though there’s a possibility that they could get banned in “Fortnite” using this trick.