There are “Fortnite: Battle Royale” players who might be scratching their heads after experiencing another weird glitch in the game. Those who have encountered it claim that the bug made the iconic Battle Bus leave them stranded at the starting area.

Another ‘Fortnite’ bug

Reddit user u/LayzaSkully recently posted a short clip showing the said bug. The player just spawned for a round of “Fortnite’s” Team Rumble, though got blindsided as the player noticed that the bus had already taken off. To make things worse, the OP was immediately hit by the storm signaling that it’s all over before it even began.

The clip only lasted for 30 seconds and there’s no way of knowing as to whether the player respawned and sailed down towards safety or otherwise.

Down in the comments, it was stated that the player was just trying to stack up those XP points to unlock the character Midas and explained that the OP’s preferred landing spot in doing that is in Camp Cod. This after a fellow “Fortnite” player asked if the OP has ever played the game’s Team Rumble before. As of writing, Epic Games has yet to address this recently discovered issue within their battle royale shooter.

Spawning halfway into the match

Prior to this, players have reported another issue within “Fortnite’s” Team Rumble as some of them have been spawning halfway through in a match, not to mention that they landed with no weapons nor materials putting them in a disadvantageous position from the get-go.

Such thing happened to Reddit user u/TheMightyWitcher, though the player was quite fortunate that he landed alongside a Supply Drop and secured its contents, though the opposing team already had 45 eliminations at that time.

There are others who chimed in commenting that they too have experienced the issue several times. This made them believe that Epic might have made some unannounced tweaks on the team-based game mode since this too hasn’t been addressed by the game developer.

The arrow glitch

Back in February, Team Rumble was plagued with a game-breaking bug where “Fortnite” players would accidentally shoot their teammates. This was also brought to light, over on Reddit, by u/lurker17066 where he showed, in a minute-long clip, how arrows have been disappearing from friendlies that end up in confusion during a match, not to mention the waste of resources and ammo.

There was a part in the video where both the OP and his teammate engaged in a fight until he realizes she’s on his side. However, an enemy popped up eliminating his ally as the OP pointed out that there’s no way to distinguish between their teams.

Epic Games’ Community Coordinator u/EpicBoaty took notice of it and assured their “Fortnite” community that they’ll be looking into it. The staff did not indicate as to when the issue will be fixed, though.