Epic Games recently announced Fortnite Championship Series (FNCS) for Chapter 2 Season 2 with duos. The game’s pro community is not that happy, however as it was revealed that this season’s tournament will be having two tourney tracks. This prompted FaZe Clan member and streamer Nick “Nickmercs” Kolcheff to throw in his two cents as he deemed them as “completely spoiled.” It even sparked a Twitter drama between him and another pro player – Jonathan “Yung Calculator” Weber.

Fortnite pros deemed as ‘spoiled’

The beef between the two began when “Fortnite” caster and streamer MonsterDface tweeted asking about console players getting their own FNCS competition.

Nickmercs responded with a dub explaining that “they play on 60 frames” adding that such frame rate is “unplayable against PC players.”

Yungcalc is not that stoked about the idea of a “Fortnite” duo tourney having two tracks. Per his response to Nick’s tweet, he stated that “it’s a competition of the best” and not some sort of a “make a wish.” The exchange of tweets continued as they both explained their points about Epic’s new FNCS ruling.

Nickmercs even took to stream where he detailed how he believes that Epic “spoiled” “Fortnite: Battle Royale’s” competitive scene by treating its players to insane prize pools. The streamer also pointed out how pro gamers nowadays don’t have any clue how fortunate they are.

According to him, it’s not the pros’ fault adding that one “can’t get super angry because they don’t know better.“ Nick also said they know nothing about “playing for breadcrumbs” as he went on saying that these “Fortnite” pros “never play for anything but billions of dollars.”

‘Make up your mind bro’

This continued where he called out “Fortnite’s” keyboard and mouse players who according to him have complained for years about controller players in their lobbies.

He added, “well now ‘Fortnite’ is taking real step at getting them (controller players) out the lobby and now they’re b**ching again. Like, make up your mind bro. Do you want them in or do you want them out?”

He also addressed the recent nerf in the game’s aim assist as keyboard players believe that this will take a toll on controller players’ gameplay.

Referencing the popular controller player UnknownArmy, Nickmercs highlighted that the said player picked up a keyboard and mouse during the Pop-Up Cup a few weeks back and placed top 10. He went on to say that there are controller players out there who have been playing competitive shooters for a long time.

FNCS announcement

For the uninitiated, Epic’s blogpost about “Fortnite’s” duo tournament stated that FNCS will be splitting the competition into two - a tourney for PC players and the other for both console and mobile users. It was also noted that each of the track will be having the same amount of prize pool and will have their respective champions.