At the time of writing, the downtime for “Fortnite: Battle Royale’s” Update v12.20 has begun and it will introduce new stuff in the game as soon as it goes live. Armed with their data mining tools, leakers are on a mad dash once again to reveal what new content has been added in the game files. Initial leaks may well seem to have just confirmed that the helicopter will be introduced in the game alongside some new cosmetics. There’s also an update on the map suggesting the destruction of the Oil Rig.

‘Fortnite’s’ new vehicle – Choppa

As mentioned, the above-mentioned vehicle (Choppa) has been spotted within the game files and “Fortnite” players are now hyped about it.

It is believed that it can carry multiple players as opposed to previous claims that only one player can ride it. A couple of weeks back data miner HYPEX (@HYPEX), tweeted that the vehicle has the ability to boost and can also damage players once they are hit by it.

Another leaker – Lucas7yoshi (@Lucas7yoshi) - managed to obtain the trailer for the so-called Choppa where Deadpool can be seen dodging the spray of bullets. That said, it’s pretty much certain that the Marvel character is also included in the update, not to mention the loading screens that were also data mined.

‘Slurp’ skins and other cosmetics

New skins were also spotted. One of the most notable is the “Slurp Legends” set where there’s a “Slurp Jonesy,” “Slurp Bandolette,” and a “Slurp Leviathan.” From the screenshots by Lucas, the skins may have two modes – a “default” and a “monster.” Per the description of the skins, both of their heads transform with higher shields.

Other new skins include:

  • Bonehead – Show them your inner fire
  • Tailor – Stylish soldier of fortune (Reactive: Unique light patterns on eliminations, damage, health, and shields!)
  • Master Minotaur – Unleash your manimal instincts
  • Blockade Runner – Break through enemy lines
  • Wiretap – Never tap out
  • Envoy – There is no such thing as second best
  • Crimson Elite – A true legend on the rise
  • Scarlet Commander – Unknown and unforgettable

As for the other leaked cosmetics (emotes, harvesting tools, wraps, loading screens, and, music packs):


  • Kite!
  • Bold Stance
  • Well rounded

Harvesting Tools

  • Axe of Champions
  • Volt Batons
  • Plasma Circuit
  • Bespoke Blades
  • Double dagger


  • Splatter Spectrum
  • Manic Mosaic
  • Swirly Streak
  • Signal Override
  • Merc (the Deadpool wrap)

Cuddletime Coup (loading screen)

Lucas also stumbled upon variants for the Feline Fun Back Bling and the Highland Warrior.

Oil Rig destroyed

FortTory (@FortTory), on the other hand, found some leaked intel hinting at the destruction of the Oil Rig getting destroyed on the 'Fortnite' map.

It can be observed that there’s an oil spill on the said POI, not to mention that there were also 3D renders of its fate.