Fortnite: Battle Royale’s” v12.30 update is now live and has ushered in a brand-new set of cosmetics in the game. Players have also stumbled upon a new glitch in the game that would allow them to throw unlimited grenades. Epic Games was quick enough to gain knowledge of such issue that they’ve already disabled the explosive item from the game.

Disabled in ‘Fortnite’ BR

The developer took to Twitter to inform players that “due to an issue, the Grenade has been temporarily disabled in Battle Royale.” They went on assuring players that they’ll be rolling out an update when the item has been re-enabled in “Fortnite.”

The ‘nade strat’

The recent tweet from the “Fortnite” player known as Tavern (@TurtleTavernTV) is blowing up as of late where it featured how to replicate what he calls “the nade strat.” From the looks of it, the glitch is triggered by just changing the Combat settings in the game.

If done correctly, it is very evident how OP the glitch is as it can be seen from the clip the multiple explosions it created from what appears to be one grenade throw. It’s not yet certain if this new found bug was included in the game’s v12.30 update, but it is without a doubt insane, not to mention that it’s pretty much tough to counter.

For the uninitiated, players can only equip themselves with a maximum of six grenades within “Fortnite’s” public matches. In Creative, however, folks can carry an unlimited supply of these explosives and cause a lot of damage.

The exploit may well seem to only work on a mouse and keyboard. That said, controller players have been expressing their concerns towards the scroll wheel reset on PC as they see it as quite unfair since it gives mouse and keyboard players the ability to edit their builds faster in a way that controller players cannot.

If the exploit lingered a bit longer in “Fortnite’s” BR mode, it could have sparked another debate between the players of the two platforms.

Issues addressed by v12.30

“Fortnite’s” v12.30 patch also addressed numerous issues within the game.

One of them is the unintentional carry or shakedown on controller. Per Epic’s Trello board update, they now made it easier to avoid either of the two actions whenever players are trying to perform a different action instead. Performing a Shakedown of Carry will now require players to directly look at the DBNO player.

Harpoon Guns not catching loot was also a bit of a problem prior to v12.30.

“Fortnite” pro Tfue was even seen on his stream using it to get some stuff during a match, but failed because of the bug. Other BR issues that were addressed in the new patch include:

  • Stuck on “Select Tech” screen on Spy Games
  • The Deadpool Plunger not visible on a 4:3 aspect ratio
  • The Auto Pickup feature not working properly
  • Style selections for certain Locker items are not saving