For quite some time now, the “Fortnite: Battle Royale” community has been complaining about the lags and FPS issues that they’ve been experiencing during gameplay. In response to this growing concern, an employee from Epic Games addressed it on a lengthy Reddit post and teased fans about some stuff that they’ve been prepping up for them.

The “Fortnite” player base is well-aware of the fact that the lag in the BR shooter’s servers is pretty awful and players are pretty much irked about it. As mentioned, this was recently addressed in a Reddit post by an Epic employee with the handle u/JShredz where he technically explained how their servers operate.

Epic staff on ‘Fortnite’s’ ongoing performance issues

According to him, Epic uses “the absolute fastest, highest grade server hardware available from their cloud provider partners.” He also answered the question many “Fortnite” players have been asking as to why they can just build more servers in a certain location. He noted that they don’t have the expertise in putting up and operating “an international network of data centers," like their cloud partners are capable of. He added that it makes sense to leverage their partners’ knowledge and infrastructure. Further, he explained that Epic does not have control over periodic throttling at the ISP level, though they are doing what they can to work directly with ISPs whenever there are issues.

Small hints

The latter part is quite interesting where he assured the “Fortnite” player base that they’re working to improve the gaming experience and at the same time still able to bring new content to the game.

The Epic staff member even vaguely hinted some “unbelievable” stuff they have in store for their community. U/JShredz also revealed that they’ve been cooking up several short and long-term improvements to both “Fortnite” and networking experience.

There’s a heap of content that got rolled out in “Fortnite’s” v12.20 update. A lot of it has been introduced in the game and there’s still plenty to come.

One of the latest additions to the game is the Choppa that can carry multiple players on a single flight.

Prior to v12.20 “Fortnite” data miners had been stumbling upon some stuff that piqued the interest of the community. The Travis Scott skin – that was previously spotted in the game files when the v12.00 update was released - resurfaced as a leaked photo of what it might look like in-game. That got circulated online. It is believed that the screenshot originated from a blogger in China. There were also leaks suggestive of a customizable Battle Bus and the Party Assist feature making a comeback.

Only time will tell if these will ever come to fruition in “Fortnite,” knowing Epic’s penchant of making last-minute tweaks. It is certain, however, that they will do what they can to keep their title afloat and relevant especially now that games like “Call of Duty: Warzone” are slowly creeping in.