Epic Games has been releasing bigger updates for "Fortnite Battle Royale" on a bi-weekly basis in Chapter 2, Season 2. The new season was released on February 20, and it has already entered its second half, which means that we can expect major changes in the near future. The video game developer has released two major updates so far, excluding the v12.00 patch, and a new one has been announced for Tuesday, March 31.

This is going to be the final "Fortnite Battle Royale" in March and it might be second to last major update in the current season.

Epic Games has announced that the downtime for the update will once again begin slightly earlier, at 2:00 AM Eastern Time, and it is unknown when it is going to be over. It appears that the game creator will no longer release 4:00 AM updates, although the reason is unknown.

What we can expect in the upcoming 'Fortnite' patch

There are not many things that have been confirmed for the v12.30 "Fortnite Battle Royale" update. However, Epic Games has used its Trello board to track the progress of bugs in the popular video game, and several of them have been marked as "Fixed in Next Game Update," which means that we know certain things that will be changed with the upcoming patch.

After the update comes out, players should no longer get stuck on the Tech Select screen in Spy Games mode.

Additionally, locker loadouts should function properly after the patch as several players have reported the issue with saving certain items in loadouts. Deadpool challenges should correctly appear for players who are not currently able to see them and players will be able to pick up items correctly using the Auto Pick Up option.

The biggest bug fix will be the one that affects the Harpoon Gun as it no longer functions properly. Many "Fortnite Battle Royale" players have reported the issue with the weapon not picking up loot consistently, and this is something that will be fixed in the v12.30 update.

Unfortunately, the next update could also bring new bugs to the game, so we are hoping that Epic Games will fix them quickly.

Furthermore, players are expecting the "Fortnite" developer to fix the glitches which give players infinite wins and invisibility. These two glitches give players a huge advantage over their enemies and should be fixed soon.

New items could come to the game

Epic Games has recently updated Chug Splashes and the Shield Bubble items, so there is a chance we see them come back to the game with the March 31 "Fortnite" update. However, these item updates may have been done because of Spy Games as this limited-time game mode has several items that are no longer be available on core or competitive playlists.