Epic Games has just dropped “Fortnite: Battle Royale’s” first-ever patch this season (V12.10) where it introduced the previously leaked Proximity Mine alongside some bug fixes. Data miners have yet again dug deep into the game files of the BR shooter where they came across with upcoming cosmetics. There is one, however, that got leakers intrigued as this has something to do with game addiction.

Playing too much ‘Fortnite’

Fortnite” data miner who goes by the handle FireMonkey (@FireMonkey) was among the leakers who discovered a string of messages suggesting players that they’ll be getting a notification if they’ve exceeded their playtime for more than three hours and so on.

The first warning will tell players that they’ve been playing the game for three hours accumulatively, not to mention that their in-game earnings will be cut in half and challenge progress will be turned off. It even advises players to do some exercise.

The same message will be sent out to players who have ignored the first warning and have been playing for five hours (per Dexerto). Described as the “fatigue gaming period,” the message now requires players to logout from the game and get some rest.

The third warning will tell players that they’ve already entered the so-called “unhealthy gaming period.” Unlike the first two notifications, players’ “Fortnite” gainings will be brought down to zero and their challenge progress have been disabled.

It went on stating that the above-mentioned will not return to normal unless players’ accumulative offline time has reached five hours.

“Fortnite” players were obviously worried about such information as this will affect their usual grind in the BR shooter. Fans of the game need not fret, however, since FireMonkey pointed out in one of his tweets that one of the messages was linked to Tencent which is a Chinese-owned company and the one that published “Fortnite” in China.

Albeit the fact that everything’s all cleared up, other players still couldn’t help but worry that this idea might be rolled out in the game worldwide. This has yet to be seen, though it’s pretty much unlikely that Epic will implement such rule on “Fortnite” players outside China.

Scoped ARs and Slug Shotgun leaks

As mentioned, data miners have leaked the new cosmetics that are included in “Fortnite” Chapter 2 Season 2’s V12.10 update.

HYPEX recently uploaded a video over on YouTube revealing the new skins and other cosmetics that he found within the game files. He also took to Twitter to show that a couple of renders (Epic and Legendary) of the new Scoped Assault Rifle and Heavy Shotgun were also added too.

Both ARs got Precision Burst and have good damage and impact at long range, though they consume a lot of ammo (medium). The Heavy Shotgun (codenamed “shotgun_slugfire”) is a pump shotty with a large magazine as it fires slugs for medium-range effectiveness.