The v12.10 patch for "Fortnite Battle Royale" was released on March 3 at 4 AM Eastern Time. Epic Games has surprised the community with the patch by announcing late in the night, making many players wonder about what was going to be included in the update. After the downtime that lasted for almost two hours, players were able to play and check out all the changes that have been applied with the update.

Unfortunately, Epic Games has not released any patch notes for the v12.10 "Fortnite Battle Royale" patch, which means that players had to find the changes on their own.

While most of the changes have been positive, such as adding Supply Llamas back to the game and adjusting loot pools, some of them haven't been accepted well by the community. It turns out that the "Fortnite" developer has drastically nerfed building material sources in the game, and while most of the players understand why, it is still hard to accept this change and get used to it.

No more easy and quick building materials

Before the v12.10 "Fortnite Battle Royale" update came out, players were able to get building materials much faster and easier. For example, one stack of Decoys would give players 450 materials in the Arena mode, which was amazing. Each decoy would drop 50 of each material, which means that players would get to 150 wood, 150 brick, and 150 metal with just one stack of this item.

Three stacks would get them almost to the 500-material cap.

While it was clear that decoys were not supposed to act this way as materials are meant to be obtained by eliminating enemy players only, having it removed from the game is quite disappointing. However, this is not the only nerf Epic Games has released with the latest update.

Henchmen, which can be found in secret bases all over the island, would also drop 50 building material after being eliminated by a player. Now, these non-playable characters only drop their weapons and ammo, which is a huge difference in comparison to before. Landing at secret bases used to be a good idea as players could get materials and valuable loot quickly, which would help them in later stages of the game and with earning Hype, but these bases are no longer good landing spots.

More changes

Epic Games has unvaulted Supply Llamas with the last "Fortnite" update and players have also got a new item, the Proximity Mine. In addition to these changes, the game developer has also fixed several bugs, such as teammate arrows not appearing in Team Rumble game mode. Furthermore, the map has received several small updates. Players have found a few new helipads, such as one at the weather station, which indicates that a helicopter will most likely be added soon.