Epic Games has released the first bigger "Fortnite Battle Royale" content update in Chapter 2, Season 2 on March 3. The video game has received a few smaller updates in the last two weeks after the second season of the new chapter came out, but they mostly contained only bug fixes. The v12.10 update, released on March 3, has brought a new item to the game, one item has been unvaulted, and the map has also been slightly changed. Furthermore, it has also brought a few bug fixes.

The "Fortnite Battle Royale" developer has teased players with several new items.

The Proximity Mine, which was shown in the Battle Pass trailer, has arrived with the v12.10 update, and it appears that a helicopter, the vehicle Epic Games has previously hinted at, is also going to make its way to the game soon. Data miners have discovered the presence of a helicopter in the game data, and the new vehicle is expected to be released in one of the upcoming updates.

Hints for the new vehicle can be found everywhere

Epic Games had released the image of The Grotto, the new location that came with the latest season, that shows a helicopter right above the helipad in this area. However, when players downloaded the new update and visited the area, there was no helicopter. Despite no helicopters in the game, there are numerous helipads over the island, including the one that is found inside The Grotto.

The v12.10 update has brought several smaller map changes, including new helipads. A new helipad can be found north of Frenzy Farm, at the secret base above the orchard, and another one can be seen at the weather station on Mount Kay. However, the latest update has also added helicopters to the game data, and while they are currently not available in the game, data miners have found their stats and some other important details.

Helicopter stats

According to data miner FNBRHQ, the helicopters are in the "Fortnite Battle Royale" data, but their current spawn rate is set to zero percent. We can expect this number to change in the update that brings helicopters to live servers, and it may be further adjusted by Epic Games in the future.

The new vehicle will be capable of dealing 50 damage to players, and 150 damage to buildings.

At the moment, it is unknown whether the new vehicle is going to have a mounted weapon, or this will be the collision damage, but we will most likely get more information before the vehicle is released. The building damage will go all the way up to 450 from a helicopter explosion, while players affected by the explosion will take 70 damage. "Fortnite Battle Royale" helicopter will also deal with 20 damage to players while moving at its minimum speed.